Aankhen: SCM solutions for Complex Environments

Date:   Wednesday , November 02, 2011

Supply chains have become more complex with globalization. Increased security risks, terrorism, unrest, pirates, theft, tsunamis and environmental disasters, create disruptions and uncertainty. High growth economies and nations fueled by information technologies, are driving new demands for real time visibility to see where their stuff is and when the stuff will arrive at their destination, without damage or loss. As the gap widens between the rich and the poor, there is an increasing risk to personal safety and security of individuals in emerging nations.

Aankhen provides a one stop solution as a service with innovative state-of-the-art hardware and software, to track and monitor assets and people globally, in real time. Founded in 2001 and based in San Jose, California, Aankhen has pioneered a new generation of technology that delivers immediate ROI and benefits to its customers.

Aankhen’s unique SeeTrak platform enables its supply chain/cold chain customers to see and monitor the security and environmental status of their shipments anywhere in the world, eliminating decision making based on multiple versions of truth. SeeTrak exception alerts and intelligence, keeps customers notified. Real time intelligence delivered by SeeTrak allows intervention and asset recovery personnel to respond and prevent loss. With Apple like ease of use there is no training required to use the service creating new uses of the technology to increase supply chain efficiencies and security which were not possible before. Asset tracking and security technologies have been expensive and beyond the reach of most enterprises and countries. Aankhen has now made the technology and the solution affordable and cost effective for developing nations.

Personal safety and security solutions from Aankhen address the needs of corporations and individuals to see and secure their people assets when travelling in high risk geographies where kidnappings are a potential threat. The rapid growth of emerging nations and new riches increase risk and the demand for security solutions being addressed by Aankhen.