Redeem Software: Building on Strengths and Adapting to the Future

Date:   Monday , February 06, 2017

In the Outsourced Product Development (OPD) market arena, a pure-play engineering and design services company, Redeem Software, has adopted an unconventional strategy of integrated design led product lifecycle services for enabling product superiority based market success for customers-OEMs and ISVs.

\"In the Product Realization Outsourcing market, we see that customers are increasingly counting on vendor partners to deliver completely new product designs- full systems rather than piecemeal works of co-creation support,\" states V N Kannan, President and Managing Director, Redeem. \"They are seeking us to bring niche skills to make the complete product development process seamless and cost effective.\"

Redeem focuses on both the customer\'s portfolio and their processes to deliver upon the business edge they continuously are on the lookout for. \"Our customers are accelerating both the adoption and application of digital technologies in their \'engineered products,\'\" adds Kannan. He also witnesses heightened focus on Indian market penetration from his global customers.

In alignment with these larger market trends, Redeem has positioned itself as both an Engineering and Digitization Services provider. They have also been successful in being a result delivering go-to market partner for their customers. \"In the last one year, we have enabled a couple of our customers penetrate the Indian broadband access market segments in a big way, demonstrating the co-sourcing value we deliver as a true partner,\" comments Kannan. \"We have also seen major success with our proprietary Business Analytics Platform-Advance (AI for BI) in penetrating a new segment as mobile forensics.\"

IP Leveraged Services have been the fulcrum to provide time-to-market advantage. The significant pieces of intellectual properties that Redeem has leveraged include reference designs in optical and customer premise equipment segments. \"Our analytics platform and the IoT gateway products also provide the needed \'accelerated design and development time\' edge to our customers,\" he highlights.

The IP portfolio that Redeem constantly augments is the testimony of their commitment to innovation. While processes and business models centric innovations are always experimented, and implemented, Kannan believes intrinsic value to the company can be created only through an IP portfolio that can create a business impact, which is typically measured as either cost saving or an increase in revenue.

The company is also investing significantly in mechatronics, analytics, and IoT to sharpen its market differentiation vis-a-vis its competition. The company\'s growth is more focused on accruals and is being advanced on a debt-free model.

On the company\'s business ethos, Kannan says \"Principled, Passionate, and Energetic are the traits that we hold and believe that these exemplify the force that builds great technology companies. Our focus is on being among the best and not essentially among the biggest. We hold the conviction that, \'Give your best and you will get that in return,\' perhaps in your scaling as well, over time.\"

Having taken a rather unusual route of succeeding in Korean and Japanese markets, which are considered as very demanding markets on meeting customer expectations, Redeem is now fast-tracking its growth in the North American region. Select GCC countries in the Middle-East are also in the focus regions in the imminent future.

In summary, \"we are amongst the pioneers in the design led production (aka Manufacturing) model and are further building on strengths by quickly assimilating the emerging technologies that are redefining, in fact, transforming our world now, more than ever before,\" concludes Kannan.