HR CUBE: Bridging Talents with Opportunities

Date:   Friday , October 23, 2015

The Human Resources (HR) industry currently has a cross to carry due to the presence of lengthy and opaque processes used for hiring talents. In the present scenario, the task of hiring is a two way street where both recruiters and individuals are stranded with traditional models for employing talents, which are complex and ineffective. We crafted our solution to bridge the gap between organizations and talents, fulfilling the needs of both ends, says Suddan Shanmugasundaram, CEO and Founder, HR CUBE. Headquartered at Indianapolis, IN, HR CUBE offers a revamped, result-oriented platform to organizations that saves time and the efforts of hiring managers by carrying out the first round of candidate interviews. This means, only the top three to five prospects are sent to the client for the final round of interviews, which increases the conversion rate to 99 percent, says Shanmugasundaram. For job seekers, HR CUBE is like a bridge joining the gap between candidates and their aspirations as it widens the target options for the individuals and reduces the chances of rejection due to large number of applying candidates.

HR CUBE has introduced a consolidated job platform, free from redundant spam containing irrelevant job offerings. \"We yield results on the basis of filters our users choose while searching for reliable options,\" says Shanmugasundaram. Further shedding light on their crafted strategies, he adds, we dont just display a list of now hiring jobs, rather, we aim to help talents find the right match. In the HR industry, most of the existing job boards focus on charging the hiring managers in exchange for access to the resume database. At HR CUBE, we want to serve the companies or users first and get paid later, says Shanmugasundaram, drawing the line between them and the competition. Our vision is to be THE AGENT to jobseekers, students, professionals, and any hiring manager in the world.

With the vision set and strategies built, HR CUBE is aiming to cater to students and job seekers organizing various workshops, webinars, and challenging events for young talents to hone their skills. This venture is supported and fueled by various startups across India, highlights Shanmugasundaram. HR CUBEs prominence is further embellished by a community of experienced professionals, hailing from various industries and acting as mentors to job seekers. When we join hands with a client, our experts send the resumes of the most fitting candidates for the highlighted jobs, as they themselves take the interviews before forwarding the candidates names, says Shanmugasundaram. Our professionals try to understand the weakness and strengths of a candidate prepare them accordingly and help them make the right career choice. In exchange of their service, Professionals are paid by HR CUBE for helping in interview process. This way the company is creating a new market for any experienced professional to make extra money by using their experience to interview candidates. With these at the front, a clients work is reduced to the minimal. Adopting such strategies has helped HR CUBE to ameliorate their service quality and intensify their focal point on job seekers, mentors, and hiring managers allowing them to maintain their competitive edge. Providing a profound 24x7 user support further takes HR CUBE miles away from the rest of the competition.

As the company moves forward, HR CUBE intends to build a loyal user base. This will include building a commendable user support platform and catering to audience at a global scale. We want to spread our wings and make our presence felt throughout the world, Shanmugasundaram ends on the optimistic note.