Waiting for next Google in mobile advertising

Date:   Tuesday , June 03, 2008

GoldSpot Media delivers ad-serving solutions for mobile operators and content providers. The privately funded company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, and has an R&D center in Bangalore, India.

The mobile phone has started gaining traction with brands and ad agencies, but has to cross several hurdles to be meaningful for advertising. Advertisers need compatible eyeballs to embrace this medium and advance it from its current ‘experimental budget’ phase to become a part of overall media planning alongside TV, Radio, Print, and Internet.

Although the mobile medium offers a highly personalized one-on-one advertising opportunity for brands to interact with their target consumers, the challenge for the ecosystem lies in making these ads non-intrusive, interactive, and relevant to the consumer. Combining the effectiveness of location with personalization and interactive advertising can drive higher mobile content consumption. The key is to find sustainable mobile content business models to the benefit of all players in the value-chain.

The growth of the Internet has provided unprecedented opportunities for advertising with minimal targeting information provided by the consumer. Bigger opportunities are waiting for smart companies that respect subscriber privacy to monetize advertising in this tiny but highly effective medium.

We are all waiting to see the emergence of the next Google in mobile advertising. Or will it be ‘Google Mobile’? Only time will tell.

The author is CEO at GoldSpot Media.