Indian firms Embrace the BYOD Trend

Date:   Friday , June 01, 2012

The policy of BYOD may pose a threat to company's data, whereas Indian enterprises seem to be embracing the trend, where nearly 80 percent employee’s surveyed saying their companies allow them to bring their personal mobile phones and laptops to work.

The research done by services provider BT, where 80 percent of the Indian employees surveyed said their employers permitted them to connect their personal devices to corporate network and use them for work. The research is based on survey of more than 2,000 users and decision makers across 11 countries, including India.

But with this new policy, there are concerns of data being breached. Those surveyed seemed well informed about the risks that BYOD presents as 89 percent said "putting 24/7 access to corporate systems into the hands of an increasingly mobile workforce is now the main threat to IT security." The research added that "the adoption of BYOD brings to light new security issues." BT said IT decision makers now need to tackle a wider range of issues such as security concerns, increased data usage expenditure, potential threat to intellectual property and the cost of infrastructure for multiple devices, before introducing BYOD at the workplace.

The security concerns, in fact, may not be totally unfounded as 73 percent of the IT respondents said they have experienced security breaches due to people bringing in unauthorized devices. The research also pointed out that 65 percent of the employees feel that BYOD enables them to serve customers better, while 51 percent of the employees felt "more efficient and productive" by using a personally-owed device for work.