siliconindia | | August 20168PR & CONTENT MARKETING - IT IS TIME TO TANGO!By Xavier Prabhu, Founder & CEO, PRHUBContent marketing and PR are twins bound by the umbilical cord at birth, and together, they make for a potent weapon in the marketing mix.PR & Content Marketing At A Certain Level Are Just The SameFrom my earliest days in PR, first with MelCole and later with Weber Shandwick, to my 13 years as an entrepreneur now, most of what PR professionals do, centers around content. It is just that we didn't call these (pitches, press releases, fact sheets, backgrounders, media kits, contributed articles and CEO speeches)`content'then,but that's precisely what it was. The only change today is that we can all connect directly with audiences and build a community through self-publishing, in an easy and cost-effective manner.Engaging Content = Effective PROne of the most effective ways to elevate your profile is to establish yourself as a reliable source of perspectives, insights and expertise. The more quality content you put out over a period of time and higher the number of followers you are able to influence through it, the more your brand gains; not just getting attention, but also quality leads. Being connected and visible on social channels increasingly impacts traditional PR positively, such that your views are many a times picked up as inputs into stories or journalists/editors reach out to you because they see you as an opinion or thought leader on a certain subject. If I can go one step further, it is easy to surmise that Content is key to building social relationships that can boost IN MY OPINIONA pioneer in India's PR domain, PRHUB analyzes the communication needs and goals of its clients and provides customized campaigns using both traditional news media and emerging digital & social media channels to create tangible momentum for our clients. Xavier Prabhuearned media. A pingback is more likely to earn a response than an e-mail pitch.PR Needs To Move Beyond Its Earned Media Addiction & Push MentalityTraditionally, PR is wired to a push mentality ­ making a `push' to launch a new product, concept or an initiative. Content marketing on the other hand, strives to create a `pull'. Let us face it; connecting with and creating value with many niche influencers, whether they be journalists covering a specific topical beat or a passionate blogger with an engaged community, can be as impactful as a hit with a mainstream publication. Further, leveraging earned media will help you narrowcast or amplify its reach to the relevant TG, which is worth every marketing penny spent. Place Equal Focus On Consumers As Much As Journalists & InfluencersPR has always focused on understanding journalists and then influencers more than end consumers. It is time we started un-derstanding who the consumers are, what drives them, and other consumer aspects. This knowledge or insights gained then al-lows you to plan content that is of interest
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