Branmark: A Landmark in Email Marketing Services

Date:   Monday , March 07, 2016

Marketing traces its history possibly since Stone Age. But with invent of Internet, it got diversified in to new dimensions. Today, Internet technologies are assuming a greater importance in the concept of online marketing. In the mid 90s, when internet became popular, online marketing took birth in the form of email marketing. Being one of the easiest ways to directly market commercial messages like ads, request business, or solicit sales or donation, to a group of people using email, it spread like wildfire within organizations.Since then, technology has advanced manifold to include pay per click, search engine optimization, web banners, link campaigns and others.

While email marketing market size, which was at $1.5 billion in 2010, is growing at a healthy CAGR of 20 percent and expected to reach $6.5 billion by 2018, several companies have taken their route towards this marketing technique to attain their target.Making a space for itself in this vastly growing industry is 2011 founded Branmark Infomedia, a Meerut based fastest growing full service Internet marketing agency.

Flourishing with Experience & Energy

Branmark provides Email Solutions for Affiliate Marketers with over 1.2 billion emails sent out every month. It stands a cut above the rest as founders Nishank Jain & Dipansh Jain brings together their over a decade of experience in digital marketing and web development to the fore to serve the best of the Internet marketing strategies without a pin-hole. \"Choosing this domain was a natural phenomenon seeing our past experiences. This gave us an in-depth understanding of the industry and the expertise to overcome challenges that we would be facing. We are also aware of the untapped opportunities that exist in this domain. With this venture, we are playing to our strengths and were confident about success,\" says Nishank, Co-Founder & CEO, Branmark. Culling to leave a cushy job and plunging into an entrepreneurial venture was never easy for the duo. \"After all you are stepping into unchartered territories,\" adds Nishank.
No two businesses are alike; what works for one might not work for another. Hence, the biggest challenge for the duo was to design a customized solution that works every time. Branmark provides multitude of digital marketing services such as performance based email marketing, media buying, lead generation, inbox solutions and several others, all customized as per business needs which helps it achieve the desired results. The need of the hour is to connect and keep the channels of communication open as far as the customers are concerned. To this end, Branmark prides itself in processes and procedures that help it stay committed to its core values. \"We have over the years, perfected our portfolio of services, which is why we are able to meet our clients\' expectations and are a trusted name in digital marketing today,\" explains Nishank.

Encountering Challenges

When businesses want to expand into the online space and create a digital image for their brand, they come to Branmark for solutions. This is because before providing a solution, Branmark understands its target group and audience and customizes its campaigns accordingly to meet specific requirements of the clients. \"We have to be careful because the digital world is a special medium where there is no face-to-face interaction,\" explains Nishank.

Branmark works towards the vision to make its clients\' business grow and reach out to the 85 percent population that is touched by digital revolution. And hence, it keeps itself abreast with latest developments in the digital marketing domain. This allows Branmark to cater its customers in the best possible way and in turn helps it to stay ahead of the competition. \"For us, what matters the most is client satisfaction. The very fact that clients come back to us and recommend us further is an achievement in a relatively short time,\" he equips.

The company has a small but powerful team of 17 young and dynamic professionals who come together as a family to solve day-to-day challenges. It provides a friendly work environment, which is highly focused and competent in the field of digital marketing, thus enabling employees to solve clients\' issue in a more creative way. It strongly believes in the adage, \'All work and no play make Jack a dull boy\', thus makes sure the entire team is able to strike a perfect balance between work and recreation.

Going Forward

Over the last decade, internet marketing has assumed a much greater role in reaching out to the people globally. However, there is a lot that is being discovered on a daily basis. Talking about the Indian opportunity, Nishank says, \"In the Indian scenario, internet marketing still has a long way to go. This is primarily in India; the internet is yet to reach a larger populace. It would be safe to say that internet as a marketing resource has not been exploited to its maximum potential. This gives us a vast playing field to make the most of the immense opportunities that will sprout up in the marketplace and open up as technology reaches the masses\". In the next six months, Branmark planning to enhance Email service to 3 billion sent per month.


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