Indians Mastered the Valley Rules, What’s next?

Date:   Wednesday , November 02, 2011

One out of eight technology companies in the U.S. has an Indian co-founder. This is something to reckon with, especially given fact that Indians make up about one percent of the U.S. population. But, did you ever think how they could? Obviously these entrepreneurs are not wizards with a magic wand or the ones with a Midas’ touch to be most successful. Since 1980s, these entrepreneurs have mastered the rules of the Valley to impress the investors and to get a successful exit. But I always wonder why the Indian entrepreneurs get satisfied by doing the same. Why they don’t go beyond making money to build and scale an Indian company which can compete with the blue chip companies worldwide.

Instead of giving up to these giants, why not compete? What we lack today is belief in our own product and its underlying technology. To compete with the blue chip companies we need to have the core talent, business model, and a key focus on the market. The characteristics of such companies will be long-term viability, sustained growth, business focus, profitability, and customer, shareholder and employee value. If we continue to learn and practice similar ideologies through different networking forums, we will be able to have an "APPLE" out of India. We hope that the New Gen Indian Entrepreneurs will think about this aspect positively.

siliconindia has always tried to highlight and celebrate the power of entrepreneurship among the Indians in U.S. 14th si100 listing of 100 top companies founded by Indians in U.S. is our endeavor in this regard. This year’s si100 listing also represents the continuing rise and glory of the Indian entrepreneur in high-tech space and identifies companies impacting the marketplace. The companies in this year’s list display the characteristics of long-term visibility, sustained growth, business focus, profitability and customer and employee value-creation.

We salute each and every one of these entrepreneurs for their leadership, and particularly for their unrelenting dedication in building their companies. Each and every entrepreneur on this list demonstrates the utmost passion for building lasting enterprises and exudes confidence that they will succeed in tackling the current economic conditions.
In this issue, we have chosen Redpine Signals to be on the cover, as we found that it is the only homegrown company that has bootstrapped themselves to build a technology product that set trends in the wireless space and compete with the blue chip companies. In a time, when many Wireless players strive to sustain their growth, Venkat Mattela, CEO, Redpine Signals has bagged million dollar deals globally by just continuing to innovate — one of which is creating World’s first simultaneous dual-band and high performance 450Mbps 3x3 802.11n chipset.

I hope you enjoy the issue as much as we have enjoyed putting it together. As always, let’s keep in touch. Please do share your thoughts with us.

Christo Jacob Managing Editor