Assure eServices: Tackling Complex Business Problems with Eminent Data Driven Solutions

Date:   Wednesday , December 28, 2016

It is no secret that business intelligence has completely transformed the way we make business decisions to stay competitive. Gone are the days when decisions were taken on little data and a lot of gut instinct. In today\'s economic climate, businesses have realised the importance of data and analytics to survive the competition. A recent study by Boston University found that 59 percent of CFOs believe analysis and decision-making are the number one process are as that needed technology investment which business intelligence software can address. \"Business analytics empower business users to discover new insights and see hidden trends. Business users can slice, dice, filter, search and analyse the data efficiently to get the answers quickly,\" explains Babu Durairaj, Founder & CEO of Assure eServices.

His organisation has been helping clients to stay competitive and make swift decisions using Business Intelligence services for nearly two decades. Assure eServices is a privately held corporation headquartered in Burlington, MA and has its global development center in Chennai. The company works with organisations to identify business goals and designs the business process and technical solutions to meet their ever evolving and increasing demanding needs. \"We are committed to deliver maximum value to our customers. We share our customer\'s risks and gains as we collaborate with them to transform their data into competitive tools,\" asserts Babu.

Enabling Faster Decision Making

The latest act of demonetisation marking the beginning of data driven economy has made businesses, especially banking, e-Commerce and credit industries, more vigilant than ever to make their system secure enough to handle these activities. To address these crucial needs, Assure provides flexible consulting services and undertakes outsourced projects from global companies on a fixed price and time basis. The company\'s in depth expertise in Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Mobile Reporting, Web Application development, Application Integration, Maintenance services allows diverse industries clients to extract valuable information instantaneously to deliver results.

Assure\'s holistic views of the business with ability to drill-down and gain imperceptible insights or track key performance indicators (KPI) enables managers and front line users to make faster strategic decisions. The team of experts help customers to get most out of their investment from building sophisticated reports and dashboards to end-to-end information delivery solutions. Assure enhances the power of traditional reports by centralising the information assets through consolidated report portal which makes right information available to the right user with a role based access to the content. The company\'s services are aimed to achieve high return on investment (ROI) with a quick payback period. Assure intends to develop long term relationship with customers by consistently delivering high quality, cost effective and responsive services from Any-Shore.

Furthermore, Assure\'s partnership with Qlik, a software company providing visual analytics solutions, helps to build modern BI solutions in a short span of time and deliver in the form of dashboards, scorecards, and analytical apps that can be accessed from anywhere and any device. The company implements QlikSence & QlikView, which allow anyone in the company to easily create and personalize reports & dynamic dashboards to explore vast amounts of data to find meaningful insight. Assure has successfully catered its services to wide array of industries like Finance, Insurance, Hospitality, Telecommunication, Retail, Manufacturing and many others. Its esteemed clientele includes large wholesale and retail banking institutions, Mellon Analytical Solutions, Merrill Lynch, Interstate Signways, Massachusetts State Agencies, and several retail and manufacturing companies.

Mastering Difficulties

Assure is an organically grown company and has been profitable since inception. Initially the company was more focused on reporting and consulting services and had also set up a center of excellence blending people, tasks, and knowledge, governance and best practices until financial crisis of 2008. To recover from this crisis, Assure experience and knowledge compelled it to expand its offerings beyond traditional reporting services to business discovery, dashboards and analytics.

Being an independent organisation, Assure maintains a vibrant environment and provides great chance to learn and improve knowledge and expertise. The company provides best in the industry compensation along with performance oriented incentives. Currently, the company focuses to invest heavily on technical expertise and envisions being a leader in every niche information delivery space.

Key Management:

Babu Durairaj, Founder & CEO

Babu is a Lead Architect at Assure manages solution architects, and has led many end-to-end business intelligence and discovery solutions for leading industries.

Offices: Chennai, Boston

Offerings: Business Intelligence, Analytics, Data Warehousing, Mobile Reporting, Web Application development, Application Integration, Maintenance

Industries: Finance, Insurance, Hospitality, Telecommunication, Retail, Manufacturing