VVDN: The Emerging Avatar of Electronic Product Design and Manufacturing Services in India

Date:   Wednesday , August 06, 2014

Indian ESDM (Electronics Systems Design and Manufacturing) is anticipated to grow to $94.2 billion by 2015 and the market is intended to grow over 300 percent. Electronic Industry is all going frenzy with the \"out-of-the-box\" technologies ranging from next generation HD Video Technology, Software Defined Networking, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Multimedia and Wearable Technologies and so on. Companies today want to move products to market faster and decrease design time while improving quality and efficiency. In the midst of rising product complexity and marketplace demands, an India born company VVDN Technologies has already established itself as the emerging AVATAR of electronic product design and manufacturing industry.

Apart from importing electronic requirements especially the complex high-end networking switches, routers, cameras and others, the R&D in electronic manufacturing has been a long standing quandary and has exacerbated the situation. Sensing the predicaments and cajoled by the dire need to revolutionize the electronics industry in India and to make India the next Taiwan for all the electronic goods requirements, four friends came together to create VVDN as the elixir to infuse life into the electronic design and manufacturing industry in India. The vertically integrated company does core electronic research, design and manufacturing of complex electronic devices from India for global clients. \"We are fulfilling the dream of India and moving in the direction to be the manufacturing center in electronic space with indigeneous R&D and technology innovation. We will soon be one of the biggest ODMs serving the OEMs and others globally,\" says a proud Bhupender Saharan, Co-Founder & CEO, VVDN Technologies.

VVDN is an ISO-9001:2008 certified company that has established itself as a one-stop-shop offering full-service, dependable resource for a full range of embedded systems design services including embedded hardware, embedded software, application, testing and manufacturing of the complex product. With the team of 600 passionate engineers, the company is busy solving some of the most complex innovation and business challenges of global clients through a unique combination of expertise, analytics, deep industry insight, process excellence. Its R&D is engaged in developing products which the market is yet to witness in next couple of years. The company\'s collaboration with semiconductor giants such as Intel, TI, AMD, Freescale, Imagination, Maxim and others helps it to fulfil the industry needs with 3 goals: Design Efficient, Design within Budget and Design Fast. With tight co-ordination between the processes used by software and hardware engineers, VVDN help optimizing product quality in the limited available time while controlling costs.

From camera technology and latest in sensor technology to the IoT and next-generation ultra HD technology, VVDN made these game changing technologies come to life in the form of innovative products.

Taking Camera Solutions to the Next Level Smarter, Robust and Reliable

New Camera Solutions are more complex than their predecessors because their tasks are more complex. VVDN with its capabilities help OEM/ODM develop solutions which enable multi-channel streaming, real-time software-based analytics, event-triggered alerting, temporary site surveillance, and much more. The company helps customers keep pace with innovation as it enable manufacturers to deliver the next generation cameras (IP Camera, POV Camera, 4k UHD Camera, Smart Home Cameras) with a highly flexible BOM profile.

IoT Gateways- Putting Smartness Into Smart Things

The Smart Energy market is evolving quickly. Given the importance of rapidly going to market with a robust and reliable solution, OEMs need design partners with rich experience and expertise in smart home and IoT. VVDN is working on designing and developing IoT Gateways which are a part of the Energy Management System targeted for residential application. The system includes Smart Energy Meter, In Home Gateway and Management Server. VVDN is involved right from \'Concept to Consumer\'. Customers rely on VVDN\'s capability to put \'Smartness in the Smart Internet of Things\' to develop a low cost, low power Home Gateway which complies with the industry standards such as ZigBee SEP 1.1, FCC, UL, CE, REACH, RoHS and more.

Switch the SDN way with VVDN

Industry impetus is around SDN and is creating solid foundation for flexible networking. VVDN-Having Proven Expertise in Networking helped SDN/OpenFlow deliver a Streamlined Approach to Network Security Services in Next Gen Architectures.

The quartet Bhupender Saharan, Vivek Bansal, Puneet Agarwal and Murali Jayaraman holds over a decade of experience each in electronic R&D in the U.S. Anticipating the need of the hour, the aficionados decided to return to India to invigorate the electronic product design and manufacturing industry here thus incepted VVDN (Voice, Video, Data, Networking) as a technology innovation and development company providing broad spectrum of engineering services and technology expertise to its core domains and customers. The company provides \'Concept to Customer\' services at any point in the development cycle including full turnkey development, design services, customer deployment and support along with engineering outsourcing services.

While it seems a complex process to transform idea from paper into reality, VVDN\'s Midas touch makes this as simple as walking on the moon. VVDN is an end-to-end provider of solutions needed to build an electronic product, thus clients do not have to run between different companies for each processes starting from designing to developing blue print, manufacturing components, assembling them, packaging to shipping final products. The company has partnered with industry\'s leading semiconductor manufacturers and has developed an extensive core technology base consisting of Vision & Audio, Networking & Data, Wireless & RF, Connectivity, Analog, and Power. \"There is no other company in India designing and manufacturing such complex products at this point in time. We serve not only Indian clients but foreign clients as well including the biggies of the semiconductor industry,\" says Puneet Agarwal, Co-Founder & Vice President, Engineering, VVDN.

Unmatched Excellence

Meeting industry-specific business challenges are quite an intimidating task for companies irrespective of its size. Under its \'Concept to Customers\' strategy, VVDN provides a broad spectrum of electronic design solutions and manufacturing capabilities help companies overcome their challenges in verticals including security surveillance, consumer, network equipment manufacturers, automotive, healthcare and retail. Its simple, agile and scalable solutions based on open, extensible architecture help clients quickly respond to their business and user community needs. VVDN\'s unmatched combination of business, industry and technological expertise bring valuable expertise in developing robust, cost effective products that can be brought to market quickly, which reflects in many of the brands out in the market.

The company offers several core services including embedded design services, testing services, mechanical design services and application development services. There are companies who are engaged in developing either hardware or software for their customers but rarely do they involve in making a complete product ready to be shipped directly to their clients. But VVDN is one of its kind in the realm which helps its clients to envision new possibilities with unmatched array of services. Through its embedded design services, it not only converts ideas from paper into entire hardware and software specifications by doing the complete hardware, software and mechanical design, and develops the software as well, but also manufactures and packages them for customers and ships to clients\' client on their behalf. This evicts the hassles customers would face interacting with different companies to build different component of a product.

The embedded products have triggered a recent mutiny called \'Internet of Everything\', where everything is moving into mobile apps thereby making all the electronic devices as \'Smart Devices\'. The smartphones have become clicker to organize every electronic item possible including TVs, inverters, refrigerators, lightings and cars. VVDN helps its clients improve RoI through its enterprise application services and its strong team of around 200 people is engaged in developing the applications which work in transaction with these products for several customers across all the verticals and across different platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows and Linux.

With its exceptional fluke, VVDN provides bug free and tested products and applications. The testing practice provides end-to-end testing services for embedded hardware and software covering a wide range of processors/SOCs, Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS), development platforms and programming languages. VVDN\'s testing services cover all layers in a product including hardware/PCB, BSP, device drivers, middleware and applications. The testing team of 150 engineers who has extensive experience in assisting product development and QA teams not only test the in-house developed products but also helps customers by doing the certification for them. Its automated testing fixture made specifically for the manufacturing companies, who are engaged in developing large quantity of products, enables them to test their products without manual intervention. Today, VVDN has established itself as one of the leading ODMs in the space with Indian roots. VVDN owe its success to the technical expertise and leadership qualities of its senior engineering team which comprises of Balakumar Chinnusamy, Selvamuthukumar, Jothiganeshan, Perumal Srinivasan, Joseph George, Sreejith, Harinder Kaur and Vinod Kumar all of them has been associated with the company from the beginning.

Making the Ecosystem Evolve with Company\'s Growth

Being the pioneer is an arduous task and maintaining the same level of gravity needs enhanced efforts. VVDN is constantly engaged in breaking the innovation norms and building futuristic products. Witnessing an increased demand for their products and solutions, VVDN is expanding to newer locations within India. Soon the company will open one of the biggest manufacturing plants in Noida that will not only manufacture products for Indian market but for global clients too. \"The project will be bootstrapped one. We are self sufficient and have the fuel to put our own while being able to serve customers globally and benefit our employees too,\" adds Puneet. This major turnaround will give a much needed breakthrough to the electronic manufacturing industry tapping in clients from over the world who are now customers to China and Taiwan.

Through its core cutting-edge technologies, VVDN not only flabbergasted the industry but has generated huge employment opportunity and reverse brain drain. Among the 600 VVDN experts, around one-third of them has left their cosy jobs in foreign lands and returned India to be with their families while still experiencing the best job opportunities. The company fosters an open, transparent and nurturing work culture by preserving the Silicon Valley like entrepreneurial environment with minimal hierarchies and tremendous growth opportunities. Employees are not treated as technical engineers but as technical managers who are sent across to Europe and U.S. to understand how the industry functions and to China and Taiwan for manufacturing studies to understand how the ecosystem prevailing there. This has equipped them at par with other professionals of the globe, thus providing the best industry experience to the customers every time they come to VVDN. \"As a company VVDN values each employee\'s contribution to its success and ensures the delivery schedules and quality standards are balanced with equal doses of fun at each milestone achieved,\" says Vivek Co-Founder & Vice President, Engineering, VVDN.

VVDN has congregated industry\'s best brains from pan India who completely dedicates themselves towards company\'s growth. \"We believe in growing together. Thus we are building a small city of around 15-20 acres which will have a manufacturing unit and several housing colonies for the employees along with best canteen facilities, all at subsidized costs. This will ensure that our employees\' health is taken care of and they come to work with sound physical and mental stipulation. They put their blood and soul in making us the pioneer of Indian electronic design and manufacturing company serving clients globally and this is a small gesture from us to them,\" adds Puneet.

To encourage employment and better appreciation of Indian skilled resources, VVDN has tied-up with GLA University in Mathura. The company has already hired 70 engineers from the University who are in their 7th semester. It has also established a lab in the university campus called VVDN Labs where these selected engineers are provided training with real projects/industry exposure for a year thus ensuring skilled future for the company.

VVDN recently started an NGO called VVDN Foundation which is supporting a school in Haryana to provide the unprivileged and illiterate children with food, clothing and education. \"With VVDN Foundation, we want to grow not only to school areas but also to fund several needy people helping them with education and medication, while ensuring that each penny is spent on the right person,\" concludes Murali Co-Founder & Vice President, Engineering, VVDN. With these initiatives, VVDN envisions to be the global supplier of choice for cutting-edge embedded design and manufacturing services by focusing on inclusive growth and making India global hub for labour intensive electronics manufacturing.