TBM Technologies: Daring to Dream of a Safer Future

Date:   Tuesday , June 09, 2015

With 3.15 billion emergencies every year, it\'s not a question of if, but when. Sooner or later, we\'re all affected. Staying safe is a major challenge. Helping people to stay safe is both, the ultimate challenge and a huge responsibility. TBM takes this responsibility very seriously and with total commitment under the leadership of Sunjyiev Mahajan, a technology industry veteran with over 35 years global experience.

The Beginning

TBM was incorporated in December 2006 by Sunjyiev Mahajan and his family, in memory of his late mother and sister. The goal was to help people and save lives, every day and during emergencies. TBM is a research driven Mobile-to-Next Technology Company. They deliver solutions for personal safety via SaaS in partnership with telecom operators like Airtel and Vodafone, mobile apps and through smart devices including wearables. They help businesses, like Alstom, to keep their employees safe while at work, on their way to or from home and at all other times.

The company operates the world\'s largest privately managed emergency service - in India 55100 EmergencyAlerts™ with Airtel and Vodafone. They also partner with Axiata and Verizon Wireless. Research shows that in emergencies most people call their family or friends, not the Police or law enforcement agencies. When someone needs help, it is vital to be able to tell those who can help, that one needs their help and where one is. This is what EmergencyAlerts™ does. At the press of a button or a single free call, automatic alerts with the nearest street address are sent to contacts. The solution includes a toll free service that works without GPS, Internet or even a balance in the subscribers\' phone. In addition, there is a free companion smartphone app and integration into special smart devices.

During the J&K floods of 2014 nearly 29,000 families reconnected with their lost members due the company\'s service while over 1.3 lakh people used the service during the 2013 Uttarakhand devastation. \"We are in the business of creating and delivering products that are intended to help you and your family stay safe in today\'s turbulent world. Today lakhs of people feel safer and their families have peace of mind because of the work we do\" says Mahajan.

The ISO 9000 certified company stands out in the world of software companies because of the uniqueness of their technology and 24x7 multinational operations that are monitored every second from an advanced control room at New Delhi. In keeping with the company\'s motto, \'Dare to Dream\', Directors Pratima, Paayal and Sushaen Mahajan, encourage every employee to try new things, research new ideas, participate in developing new technology solutions and most importantly, express themselves. Extensive mentoring, training, opportunities to participate in think tanks and conferences, talk to peers and domain experts, reviews and performance driven growth opportunities are provided to every employee. Birthdays, work anniversaries and major milestones are all celebrated. \'Desi chai\' is served with pride. All in all, TBM is a great place to work and grow.

\"We spend a lot of time and money learning new technologies and developing ways to improve the quality and reliability of our solutions. For example, by embedding our technology in smart devices or new delivery platforms via the IOT,\" says Sunjyiev Mahajan, Executive Chairman, TBM Technologies. With the help of its highly charged team, the company\'s revenues grew by over 300 percent in 2014-15. This year the forecast is 350 percent growth! The company also plans to increase its global footprint, into parts of Africa, America and Europe this year.