Confluo: Drive Business Excellence with Agile Technology Strategies

Date:   Thursday , January 08, 2015

Multi-speciality services company is a buzzword in IT industry. Be it manufacturing or service - every company differentiates itself with differentiated innovations. But in this process, they often overlook the business processes and the value that they are giving through those solutions. Thus, to build a healthy business, every enterprise looks for trusted IT solutions that are built around industry best practices and a trusted technology partner who have the dexterity of scaling your business to new peaks. If your organization is for a hunt to find such partner, then Confluo may bring an end to your exploration. The 2007 born Confluo is a fast growing company catering strategic consulting, technology and outsourcing services across eminent companies in the world. With \'Born Global\' approach, Confluo provides local solutions that possess the affinity to aid technically complex and business-critical challenges with global delivery. The company implants a pleasant mixture of in-depth industry understanding and world-class technology that streamlines business processes and helps enterprises transform and modernize their business.

Confluo initiated its journey as a Software Product Development Company, with products targeting enterprise collaboration, information media convergence and enterprise knowledge management. Gradually, the founding executives found that the clients often fail to get the complete value of their technology investments made in the organizations. The same intention to help the organizations and their clients to achieve their growth missions re-shaped Confluo into its present avatar. The company engages with people not only at the technology front but also at the strategic front, helping them to re-look the way of embracing the enterprise wide transformational change that is needed to be established. The company started to do more than about helping the clients when asked and stepped ahead by analyzing and filling the deltas before the clients recite the pain points to be solved. After changing the track, the growth did not remain sluggish, but sped up to seize about 400 percent of revenue in one contract itself.

Into the Realm of Confluo\'s Services

Driving excellence in business and IT operations is a critical, yet challenging proposition of present-day enterprises. But it is easier with the strategic consulting & a comprehensive spectrum of technology services of Confluo. Be it business strategy or technology strategy, the company\'s technology-enabled solutions can help clients drive maximum value, shape new businesses and design operating models for the future. Organizations can achieve more IT agility and uptime benefits through simplified technology provided by the strong R&D competency and lab infrastructure at Confluo, across their custom application development, enterprise application services and IT infrastructure management models. \"Rather than telling you \'how to do\', we start our processes with focusing on \'what to do\' to sort out those impediments,\" avows Sandeep Kaushal, Director, Confluo. \"We isolate what is best for you, we isolate the best-suited technology, design the entire process & solutions, and execute them in the lightening speed using our lean development and agile methodology that in turn leads to a less number of overheads,\" adds Sandeep.

As a talent and HR outsourcing services company, Confluo leverages mobility, social media and analytics to enhance talent acquisition, development and performance, while helping enterprises to reduce their application environment costs. The company not only invests in personnel and resources to drive the businesses, but also helps organizations establish their centers of excellence within their eco-systems, while bracing them for the emerging technologies. The company has also marked its presence with its enterprise collaboration platform \'Confluo IMC\' that eases the toughest task of getting real-time knowledge management and sharing of work across their global network.

The Culture that Makes Difference

\"We initially thought, these guys have taken a herculean task in re-writing the application completely. But the results were simply out of the world, 23X performance improvement, we never thought that could ever be done,\" says a world\'s leading financial institution who is Confluo\'s client. Another client who is one of the world\'s top bank asserts, \"Confluo\'s development methodology is amazing. It is wonderful to see a team working and delivering with so much comfort and confidence. Even our senior management understands why delivering business value is more important than just code. Thanks for another outstanding delivery Confluo team\". These are merely two examples which reflect the nature of services crafted by the millennial at Confluo. Underlined by the non-hierarchical work culture, the portfolio of about 220 highly-motivated and sharply-focused personnel endeavors to provide innovative business solutions that deliver measurable business values. Unlike other companies, where top management team chooses the right employee, the company employs a different approach where the smart employees hire their peers. \"We have built the culture where team exponentially grows, manages and expand on its own rather than being controlled by core management teams. We are trying to build a manager-less culture in the organization. This fundamental shift where we have to hire our peer rather than a subordinate has given us a lot of formal level impact in terms of reducing our attrition rate which went 80 percent down,\" says Sandeep.

The Future Snapshot

With futuristic ideology infused in their DNA, Confluo intends to upgrade their services to next level where they focus on providing augmented automation, while also providing people the option of self services. The company which is currently investing in few differentiated products envisions continuing investing in building new capabilities, empowering its clients to propel their business. With its headquarter in U.S. and offices in Noida & Haryana, the company wants to establish a firm presence in NCR because of the pool of talents that the region presents.