OrcaSys: Healthcare Simplified!!

Date:   Thursday , January 08, 2015

The healthcare scenario in India demands significant reforms that could change the way healthcare is delivered.Constantly rising population and lack of needed resources is widening the gap, and what could significantly be an enabler to boost-up the quality of healthcare is technology. Flowing with the wind, many technology companies have tried coming up with different hospital management systems, patient and medical records management systems, hospital revenue cycle management systems and what not. Unfortunately, in most of these systems, the functionalities have been similar to what has been followed and used in developed countries like U.S. and UK. Most of these organizations have primarily failed to understand the complexity of Indian healthcare where medical practitioners and healthcare centers are too busy serving huge number of patients and handling piles of medical records. Anurag Bhusari wasn\'t too late to realize this and incepted OrcaSys Pvt. Ltd., a healthcare IT transformation company in 2011.

Prior to heading on with his entrepreneurial journey, Anurag gained eight years of experience in Sales & Marketing, Business Strategy and Research while working with organizations like TATA Technologies, Tridiagonal Solutions, Prolifics Software and others. In his association with Tridiagonal Solutions & Prolifics, he got an opportunity to research over the global engineering and healthcare IT industry. During the course, he realized why India lags behind in making best use of IT in healthcare,and what do current healthcare solution providers lack in their offerings. This motivated Anurag to start OrcaSys which today presents a big competition even to some of the major Healthcare IT companies. The company is now looking for venture funding to support the pathway further.\"Our products are at par with that of some of the bigger players in the Healthcare IT segment. What they achieved in 15 years, we achieved in 3 years. When it comes to healthcare IT, healthcare providers don\'t need to contact multiple vendors. We will be the single point of contact,\" says Anurag Bhusari, CEO, OrcaSys Pvt. Ltd.

Simplifying Hospital Administration &Queuing

With the help of friends, family and relatives, Anurag started his venture. His first client, Roplekar Hospital, came through a friend\'s reference where Dr. Roplekar also gave him significant inputs. Following the same, Anurag gathered a small team along with his friend Aditya Sunil Patil (Director) who handled software delivery in initial days and created the first version in less than a year.The product was intended to simplify hospital administration and streamline the healthcare process, eliminating excessivedependence on paper. \"We believe in innovation that has usability value. An effective healthcare solution must eliminate paper work to agreat extent. If it fails to do so, than it has no usability and must not be used,\" explains Anurag.

The flagship product of OrcaSys,e-HAT, is an electronic Healthcare Administration Tool that helps to manage queuing and all the operations of a Hospital or a healthcare center using a user-friendly and state of the art graphic interface. The powerful, flexible and easy to use application has been designed & developed to deliver feasible benefits to the hospitals and clinics. This application helps multispecialty hospitals to manage effectively a wide range of administration, clinical, financial and management processes with the help of various modules available in the application. It is an integrated end-to-end Hospital Administration Software that provides relevant information across the hospital to support effective decision making for patient care, hospital administration and critical financial accounting, in a seamless flow.

The organization provides three different solutions depending on the size of operations carried by a healthcare provider.The solutions are available for a small chain of clinics to a large multi-specialty corporate hospital. OrcaSys not only deals with hospital information systems but also provides EMR or specialty solutions for various specialties such as Orthopedic, Proctology, cardiology, Oncology and others. The company also holds immense expertise in Turnkey Healthcare IT Projects, Oncology �Specialty Software Solutions, Advanced Imaging & PACS, and Specialty Clinics & Chain of Clinics, Hospitals Revenue Cycle Management, Cloud Computing, Lab & Radiology Information Systems and more.

Intelligence Added

Unlike other healthcare IT solution providers who keep their focus on the processes and financial part, OrcaSys emphasizeson the most significant ingredient - Health. It has added intelligence to its products and also implemented a rules engine. The software is a collection of high quality clinical protocols, clinical templates and care plans to support medical practitioners with added intelligence and patient history. OrcaSys even employs its own professionals in the client organizations to run the systems flawlessly. \"The application of our solution is regardless of whether the facility is multi-sited or requires integration with e-health systems. This solution springs out of a thorough understanding of the healthcare industry. Our solution addresses the needs of the hospital administration system allowing the client to focus on your critical business,\" adds Anurag.

With a competent team of 40 engineers, doctors and medical consultants, OrcaSys has been able to generate a high reference value for itself and has been expanding its customer base progressively. Some of its major clients include Sterling Multi-Specialty Hospital, Healing Hands Chain of Clinic, Pioneer Hospital, Orchid Cancer Center, Orange Hospital amongst many others.

Ready For the Next Goal

Going ahead lead by a strong foundation, OrcaSys is one of the pioneers in bringing BYOD technology in the healthcare sector. Having partners spread across India, OrcaSys is all set to develop healthcare IT solutions for some of the developed markets. It will also be expanding its partnerships in geographies like Dubai, UAE, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Africa in coming days.