RDA Legal: Dedicated Domain Expert Lawyers Handholding Clients to Deliver Excellent Quality

Date:   Thursday , December 11, 2014

Typically, law firms take a while to respond whenever a client seeks an opinion, primarily because the query goes through an entire process from bottom to top of the law firm\'s hierarchy. RDA Legal, a full service law firm, however prides itself for being able to utilize their resources far more optimally and flexibly to provide legal advice within stringent timelines. Every client is usually dedicated with an attorney having expertise in the client\'s specific domain. Having quality as its defining benchmark, the firm is able to successfully handhold clients and surpass their expectations in terms of responsiveness, cost and quality. Along with the specific services of a domain expert lawyer dedicated to a client and often doubling up as the client\'s own in-house counsel, the clients also attain the full benefit of RDA Legal\'s general advice, experience and expertise. Being one of the few law firms in India with a dedicated group of employment lawyers, RDA Legal also ranks fairly well globally for its practice of employment laws in India.

Bucket Full of Services

On a general basis, RDA Legal specializes in aiding foreign companies to establish Indian subsidiaries and kick-start their operations in India. The firm has attorneys who specialize in other practices such as drafting and negotiating commercial contracts, structuring investments, finalizing internal structures and assisting clients in complying with all local statutory requirements. RDA Legal has also developed a high acclaimed expertise in the technology sector, which covers Indian and multinational enterprises, MSMEs and start-ups. Apart from the dispute resolution and afore mentioned general corporate commercial, technology and employment practices, the firm also offers a wide range of practical, cost-effective and strategic services across Taxation, Media, Entertainment & Sport Law, and Admiralty Law among others.

Crafted and Drafted by Experts

The three partners of RDA Legal, Rohit Das (Managing Partner & Harvard alumni acclaimed for providing pragmatic solutions), Avik Biswas (Partner, ranked as recommended employment lawyers in India, since 2012) and Anupam Prasad (Partner, with an extensive experience in transactions) have previously worked in some of India\'s biggest law firms and companies, where their skills were honed with rigorous training. While leveraging such skills, dedication and leadership quality, Rohit took the next logical step and founded RDA Legal in 2008 in Mumbai and Calcutta.

Avik joined RDA Legal in January 2013 and helped the firm spread its wings further in Bangalore and New Delhi. He is the partner in charge of the Bangalore office and heads the technology and employment law practice nationwide. Having been the in-house counsel of Infosys for a substantial period, he consequently has deep knowledge about the operations of technology companies in India, in addition to his basic training in M&A, Joint Ventures, Investments and General Corporate Advisory. Avik has been consistently ranked as one of the recommended employment lawyers of India since 2012. With such experts on board, RDA Legal has successfully established four offices across India within a short span of five years. The firm has also attained numerous top-notch clients and several awards and industry recognitions to its credit.

Young, Dynamic & Motivated Team

Noting that the firm has a fairly young team that works enthusiastically for long hours, RDA Legal maintains an informal and flexible culture that has reaped benefits in building a very dedicated team of lawyers. While the operational structure of RDA Legal is kept as flat as possible, from the client delivery perspective, RDA Legal has to follow hierarchy to elucidate clients about experience and expertise of their lawyers. Since RDA Legal invests significant time and resources on training, they are keen on hiring lawyers not just based on their legal and technical expertise, but also scrutinize their ability to socially fit into the firm and adapt to RDA Legal\'s processes and culture. RDA Legal is confident that this uncompromising quality control will enable the firm to maintain their continued success in the market.

The firm, having clients across India and U.S., is currently experiencing a fair amount of traction from Europe. RDA Legal aims to grow the firm in terms of size as well as stature. \"We want to ensure that our high-quality and rapid delivery capability remains unaffected by growth. So far, we have been extremely satisfied in getting high quality work from our lawyers and we endeavor to continue the trend,\" says Avik Biswas, Partner, and RDA Legal.