The Future of Secure Technology is in the 'Eyes'

Date:   Wednesday , August 17, 2016

Headquartered in Surat, Biomatiques Identification Solutions specializes in Iris Recognition Technology that enables businesses to keep a track of its employees through cutting-edge solutions like Biometric Scanners, Iris Time & Attendance Systems, and Iris Access Control.

In today\'s times, hacking systems or breaking security codes has become quite easy. With the right tools, anyone can fake an identity and get access to anything. It is not difficult to steal an access card, crack a security code, or to fake a voice or finger print. Even getting entry in a secure access area or getting access to a bank, email account or social networking account is not such a tough nut to crack.

Each day, many security products and technologies are being brought to light, each having a low percentage of FAR - False Acceptance Rate & FRR - False Rejection Rate. The probability of duplication for voice recognition is 1 in 500, facial recognition - 1 in 1000, fingerprint - 1 in 10,000, Apple touch ID - 1 in 50,000, Iris recognition - 1 in 15,00,000. The eye opening breakthrough technology of Iris recognition will soon replace fingerprint technology.

Iris recognition uses random textures that are visible in the eye, using the eye to confirm someone\'s identity. Unlike voice, fingerprints & facial structure, iris patterns have far more random patterns. An algorithm is created to map the iris, and then the random patterns which are formed are used to create a bar code which is unique for every individual.

There are many reasons why iris recognition beats the other forms of biometric methods. Facial features happen to change over a period of time. As we age, our looks change year by year, our skin tone changes, we develop wrinkles and there are other factors that make us look different. This may require regular re-enrolment to the system which invites additional cost. Even finger prints go through wear and tear as our hands are used for most of our day to day activities. In comparison, the eyes are the most protected organ.

Our body is designed in such a way that we end up closing our eyes as a reflex action in case we sense a danger directly posed towards the eyes. The iris patterns remain unchanged right from the age of five throughout the life time. Hence there is no need for re - enrolment. And unlike other forms of biometrics, it cannot be tampered and we always carry our eyes wherever we go; so there won\'t be any excuses for forgotten ID cards or for having cuts or bruises on fingers.

The use of this technology is limitless. It can be used to capture time and attendance in small and medium businesses, large corporate offices and even for government sector. This device can also be used to get access to systems. So only authorized users can use the system, thus eliminating buddy punching. Also the software can be designed and used as single sign for accessing multiple applications in one go.

Even if an individual\'s laptop or mobile is lost or stolen, nobody can access if it\'s operated through the iris. The application is quite compatible with any website which requires username or password. The technology can also be synced with debit cards and credit, where the cards won\'t work unless iris is scanned. Every digital or online payment will be connected to AADHAR database.

While performing online transactions, there will be an additional step for iris check. The scanned iris will get captured and verified with the AADHAR database and the same will be monitored by the bank. There is further verification performed by the bank to check if the iris matches with the AADHAR number which is linked to the account before approving the transaction. This will eradicate the scope for online fraudulent activities.

With AADHAR, India is the only country with the largest biometric database available. No other country has adopted the biometric technology the way India has. Adoption and acceptance of this technology has been on the rise now. Even the new government offices have introduced AADHAR enabled biometric systems to capture attendance. Even at fair price shops, the verification of the individual is done based on AADHAR, which ensures that the right person is getting the right benefits. We at Biomatiques have successfully supplied 33,310 scanners to the government of Andhra Pradesh which are being implemented for pension and ration distribution.

The latest iris scanner can be useful in our day to day lives as well. It can be fixed outside our door and used for keyless entry. It can double up as additional security for mobiles and personal computers and even apps, email clients and social networking websites. Iris Recognition Technology eradicates manual validation and proxies, encourages punctuality and efficiency in schools and organizations where capturing attendance is mandatory. It can be further used for forensic & criminal investigation, for security checks at airports and border security. It can also be useful at data centres, labs, hospitals, banks and utility centres.

What is interesting is the fact that earlier, cost was an issue with this technology, however with the change in times, companies like ours have made this technology available at the cost of finger print technology, thus making it affordable with better security control and identification assurance.