WebApps 2010: A Day for the Web-Techies

Date:   Thursday , June 03, 2010

The days have gone by, when lack of technology forced people to limit their thoughts within a few parameters. Today, with new trends the world of technology has grown to such a level that it has a considerable impact on almost each and every aspect of our everyday life. Internet, in particular, has become the driving force for the world.

The Web is a craze now. Adding to it, Web applications have become a passion for many people, and many of them have turned their passion into profession. SiliconIndia’s WebApps 2010 was an effort to bring together experts in all areas of Web technology, including designing, developing, and deploying Web applications. Driven by the motive to provide an influential platform for information exchange, honest discussion, and collaborative problem solving, WebApps 2010 turned out to be a big success.

It was a crowded day at the Nimhans Convention Center, Bangalore on May 15. Over 800 participants from the industry got the opportunity to have hands-on technical training and gain key information from the invited speakers . “It’s a very good attempt by SiliconIndia. One of the important points that WebApps put forward is the collaboration between the Web developer and the Web designer. A Web page is not a product of merely the Web developers or designers. It’s a result of their joint effort. As Uday M Shankar said, Web developers and designers must go hand in hand”, says Vibhooti Verma, one of the participants of WebApps 2010.

Divided into two tracks, one for Web developers and the other for Web designers, WebApps 2010 was a must attend developer forum showcasing key Web technologies. One of the most interesting and informative presentations of the event was of Harish Sivaramakrishnan, who works as a Computer Scientist and Evangelist in Adobe Systems India. Speaking on ‘Interaction Design for your Rich Internet Applications’, he mesmerized the participants with his unique style of presentation. The most interesting part of his presentation was when he created a music player and a video player in just 10 minutes using Adobe Flash Catalyst, a designers’ tool to create user interface for Rich Internet Applications.

Today, new technologies keep on emerging every day as changes take place in all aspects of the prevailing trends. In this scenario, experiment bears great importance. According to Bharat Vijay, Co-founder, BolTell, who gave the key note, experiment is very crucial to evaluate trends. It is also very important for a company to survive in the market. Mentioning about companies that experiment a lot, Vijay told that Yahoo!, Google, and Twitter are some of the good experimenting companies.

Starting from lessons in Web developing to the changing scenario of the IT industry, various key issues related to Web technologies were discussed in the Web developer track, where speakers like Satyadeep Musuvathy, Architect, Engineering, Search Advertising, Yahoo! Bangalore, Prasanna Jaganathan, Director, Engineering, OrangeScape, and Prerana Nayak, Associate Director, Product Development, Rediff.com shared their knowledge and experience with the participants.

Talking about the skills that any Web designer must have, Deepak Pakhare, Senior Interaction Designer II, UED (User Experience Design), Yahoo! Bangalore, emphasized on five specific skills – sketching, prototyping, mood boarding, pitching the design, and empathizing. “Any Web designer should have and work on these five skills. While sketching helps you to figure out your concept, prototyping helps you to form the basis for your design,” elucidates Pakhare.

With diverse issues and technologies, Web based applications are revolutionizing both the features that can be delivered and the technologies for developing and deploying applications. In this context, programs like WebApps, which are focused towards offering insight that help develop industry leading Web development projects can really make a difference.