InteractCRM: Accelerating the Customer Experience through Next-Gen Technology Solutions

Date:   Wednesday , October 22, 2014

In the extreme need to serve today\'s demanding customers, contact centers sometimes fail to fathom the crux of what constitutes true Customer Experience Management. Engineered to inculcate the same lifeblood into contact centers, ThinConnect Contact Center, a Flagship platform from a U.S., headquartered company named InteractCRM, empowers clients to connect conveniently with their customers across multiple channels like voice, email, web chat, SMS and social channels. The platform does not only help to route, personalize and centrally manage all the communication, but also provides a unified agent desktop all running within a browser.

Founded in 2002, InteractCRM has been a leading Customer Experience Management solution provider. Living up to their tagline \'Simplifying Customer Loyalty\', InteractCRM endeavors to build their customers as their brand. With a special focus on identifying business challenges within the customer service domain and creating innovative solutions to comprehend those business woes, the company is fully-equipped with industry know-how veterans who are the towers of strength backing each Omni-channel solution. As a complete customer relationship management company, the brand dives deep into the roots of the clients\' predicaments and understands them to cater their needs. The solutions at the company are accentuated by flexibility and are set up to be integrated and deployed easily even into complex environments. InteractCRM has built a strong portfolio across 30+ global customers like ING, Essent, Just Dial and ADP.

\"Hosted solutions are becoming more prevalent and you cannot retrofit an on premise product and make it cloud ready. As a result, we have made sure that from the ground up our software is built as a multi-tenant cloud solution with zero desktop foot print, which makes it future proof,\" affirms Snehal Patel, CEO, InteractCRM. As an all-pervasive service, ThinConnect Contact Center allows customer service agents to access a complete 360 degree view into all interactions across all modes of communication. ThinConnect furnishes surround solutions like multichannel callback and outbound interactions that eases the workload of the agents. As a Global Partner of Avaya, the company also possesses a host of Avaya skilled engineers to work on Avaya Contact Center product integration. Besides Avaya, ThinConnect also provides packaged integration into leading CRM vendors such as, Microsoft CRM, Oracle eBusiness and SugarCRM.

Employee freedom delivers a better performance which is the only metric of success. InteractCRM does not only provide flexibility in its services, but also implants the same flexible environment which encourages the employees to freely express their opinions through an anonymous feedback approach. The company also galvanizes its crew to push the envelope by providing a complete exposure to cutting edge technologies and businesses that are spread around the globe. With a strong belief in the idea \'Work hard, Party harder\', InteractCRM also provisions numerous fun activities and fitting rewards, recognizing the pitch-perfect innovations. While most software companies in India mainly deliver turnkey projects and back office programming, InteractCRM has been uniquely successful at designing and developing a world class branded enterprise product that is used by marquee customers worldwide.

With offices in California, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Netherlands, the brand is on the threshold of establishing itself as the best of the breed technology provider in the customer experience management space.