Customer Care - The Future Lies in Sophistication & High Engagement

Date:   Wednesday , August 17, 2016

Owned and operated by Digitouch Business Solutions, RightTap is a mobile aggregation platform that enables businesses to engage with their clients in a hassle-free way and also manage their customer care interactions with various brands.

Customer care is mostly regarded as an \'after sales\' function for businesses that are aimed at providing seamless user experience, be it for a product or a service. It is a leading indicator of consumer re-purchase intentions and loyalty. Therefore, it plays a major role in business growth and success. It is undoubtedly the most important function in the entire sales life-cycle that can either win hearts or kill prospects through bad or negative word-of-mouth publicity by users, depending upon their personal after sales experience.

In today\'s digitally wired world filled with massive competition, businesses are increasingly moving from traditional customer care centres that were manned by phones, to sophisticated technology based applications that can be operated through inventive devices such as smartphones, tablets and more, with only a few clicks. The objective is to reduce human dependency at contact centres through innovation in technology, i.e. automation and provide customers with a seamless user experience.

Further, with multiple social media platforms, companies are more conscious in capturing consumer response by categorizing them depending upon the nature and intent of comment. Of late, we have been witnessing that the online retail industry in particular is far more active in this domain as they are mostly apps based. It is also complex in the sense that \'logistics\' forms an integral part of end-to-end delivery.

Businesses across services like telecom, logistics & transport, aviation, banking, retail and media, to mention a few, have been leveraging technology based mobile applications and thus getting more direct with their customers. Not only direct, but this also makes companies more approachable to customers on real-time basis. This was the beginning of the revolutionary era when we witnessed the boom in development of mobile apps.

The future is likely to be more sophisticated where we will see more and more aggregator mobile apps being downloaded by users, wherein they can categorise based on the nature of service or products. Aggregator mobile applications can be across product or service domain that are merged into a single application platform or on a single domain such as health and fitness, online retail, food and beverages, and more.

The challenges for an aggregator application lie in developing a custom application that suits the industry standards and requirements. But of course, these challenges can be addressed through integration of technology platform making it compatible for users in a single mobile application. This is all about taking the user experience of customers to the next level by providing flawless execution and delivery.

For brands, to be a part of an aggregator app is more about user acquisition followed by user retention. So now, the question that remains unanswered is what is so unique for consumers to go for aggregator apps. Well, consumers might prefer a single app that allows them to access multiple brands and reduce the time and saves effort to shuffle between multiple apps. Once the user is able to locate the desired product or service, the aggregator app will lead the user to the product or service provider and close the loop. The end result is, all required information in a single screen with only a few taps on the smart device. Therefore, aggregator apps are easy to use, convenient, user-friendly and designed to meet & exceed the evolving demands and requirements of a new- age consumer.

Recently, we are witnessing a lifecycle where companies with their branded apps are competing with aggregator apps primarily because of the richness in terms of offerings coupled with seamless user experience. And market trend suggest that only those will survive that are delivering compelling value in terms of engagement, sophistication and ultimately superior end user experience. An aggregator app uses algorithm that defines and drives their success ratio in comparison to branded apps and it will continue to evolve by addressing consumer interests. The future lies for the aggregator apps which we can call the next generation revolution in apps development.

So whether to book a cab, call for food or collect news curated by editors, these apps make every task quick and easier for individuals and businesses. Besides this, it also helps to filter comprehensive and large amount of content (available on the internet) to ensure that you consume relevant online content at one place, on a mobile device. Such uniformed apparatus makes it extremely easier for people to view content from different sources in the app.

Taking cognizance of the benefits and convenience, it is certain that aggregator apps are destined to take over the market in the near future and introduce a paradigm shift in the way to embrace technology. Therefore today, it becomes crucial for all tech companies of different shapes and sizes to progressively harness the power of this novelty in trade.