Instart Logic: A Dream Company for the Superstars

Date:   Friday , June 03, 2016

The success of Instart Logic is the result of continuous learning that the company is always open to. The company has a very interesting history to share. Manav Ratan Mital, Founder & CEO reminisces, \"We originally were going after building a consumer play destination site for desktop and console for one of our clients. But within a couple of months we realized that it was a very bad idea, as we were targeting desktop and console while the entire world was quickly moving towards mobile devices. We dropped the idea soon, but saw a big opportunity in this huge shift.Every company that has users online will have to rebuild their application from scratch to offer their users the seamless cloud experience across multiple devices\".

It was clear that this shift would make legacy content delivery solutions like Akamai futile. Sensing the multi-billion dollar market opportunity, Manav decided to zero in on version 2.0 of Instart Logic -as the world\'s first endpoint-aware application delivery solution that makes applications fast, secure, and easy to operate. However, recruiting the best talent in the industry was quite a challenge for the organization. Manav, along with other co-founders, Raghu Venkat (CPO) and Hariharan Kolam (CTO), decided to rekindle connections with their old friends and previous colleagues to tap into their brilliance.

Today, the company proudly employs 160+ employees who provide the industry\'s fastest and most secure application delivery platform to leading enterprises in e-Commerce, media, SaaS, travel, and gaming companies such as Office Depot, L\'Oreal, The Washington Post, Kate Spade, Yellow Pages, Shutterstock, and others. Peggie Louie, Head of Talent asserts, \"For anyone who\'s had experience or exposure with startups, their success is attributed to a good leadership team and the ability to build. Instart Logic has this. Being with Instart Logic at its early stages, we get to play a part in building the technology, culture, and people. Startups aren\'t for everyone. It demands a hands-on approach by becoming owners of its product, moving the needle and setting the pace, resulting in opportunities to customize your own success\".

The Horse of a Different Color

With a 70 percent decrease in page load times, The Washington Post remarks, \"They understand the network topography very well and have sophisticated image handling on the edge. It saves us man-hours and boosts our performance\". For a leading hospitality operator, Commune Hotels, Instart Logic was able to deliver a 90 percent improvement in site load times, which increased conversions by 25 percent. They commented, \"It took us only 30 minutes to switch over to Instart Logic and run live production traffic through their platform. Since we turned Instart Logic, I barely even think about it. It just works. And I think that\'s the best compliment you can give to a technology service provider\".

The company promises not just speed, but also security for their customers\' online applications, while making it easy for them to operate anywhere, anytime. How? Instart Logic\'s solution is built from the ground-up with a mobile-first approach for modern applications. It uses end-point aware intelligence coupled with a back-end cloud service to delivery applications faster and more secure than anyone else in the industry.

When it comes to technology, Instart Logic utilizes a number of different technologies, one of which is machine learning. This feature increases the ability of companies to gather data around how their users engage with their services, how the services behave, and other useful information that allows clients to optimize web experiences for its customers. This ability to collect and process data has increased dramatically. Companies like Instart Logic are mining interesting stats that make the system\'s services smarter over time. \"We take machine learning and apply it to every different problem of how to adopt application delivery to different kinds of user interaction scenarios,\" says Manav.

These successes are proof as to why the company has a very high customer win rate when compared to its competitors, tripling the sales of the company last year and the year before. Instart Logic has hired new key executives who are the leaders of worldwide sales, and expanded into geographies like Europe and APAC. Andrew Coven, Head of Technical Services opines, \"I came to Instart Logic because they are building the Internet of the future; call it Internet 3.0. Instart Logic is run as a company that tries to maximize the joy of its employees through great perks and benefits, and the opportunity to be challenged by working with tremendously smart colleagues. It\'s awesome to be here, and I get to do some of my best work to date\".

Attracting the Creme de la Creme of the Industry

\"We have all the ingredients (ever-growing market, differentiated technology, and a good team) to stand the test of time,\" asserts a proud Manav. The company has raised $140 million in five different rounds of funding from top tier investors like Andreessen Horowitz; Greylock Partners; Geodesic Capital; Four Rivers Group; Hermes Growth Partners; Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Tenaya Capital. The company also has many of its employees from tech giants like Google, Twitter, and Amazon. \"The more good people we attract, the more attractive we become for future employees as when you try to recruit amazing talent. They look at all the various attributes and associated data points we have,\" he adds.

Instart Logic provides a transparent work milieu, where only people striving for excellence can make a place. Manav believes that though people look for good compensation and work environment, ultimately all outliers want to work with other over-achievers who can challenge them, they can learn from, and can push them to the limits. \"That\'s the kind of group we have, we are extremely judicious,\" says Manav. The company ensures that new employees have a strong start, and that they grow well within the organization, while being encouraged to build their own brand, both within and outside the company. Employees take the accountability and responsibility of their projects by driving them from start to finish. Hang Cheng, Staff Engineer, Instart Logic says, \"My favorite part about working at Instart Logic is the lack of ego. Everyone at all levels collaborates together on projects, and is willing to help, no matter how big or small the task\". Instart Logic has a very rich patent portfolio, and encourages its technology-savvy employees to file patents and publish research papers.

The company hires seasoned executives from different functions within the industry, be it engineering, sales, marketing, or finance. Abhorring micromanagement, the company upholds not just an unlimited vacation policy, but also a fully-stocked kitchen, incredible health benefits, and an open floor plan that allows employees to communicate with one another as needed. Aside from these perks, picnics, movie outings, barbeques, and holiday parties strengthen a collaborative environment in which people are comfortable with each other. With such attributes, Instart Logic has proven to be a prime organization for the over-achiever.

Key Management:

Jayanth Vijayaraghavan, Head of Engineering at Instart Logic\'s India Engineering Center (IEC)
With over 18 years of experience, Jayanth has held many management positions within Yahoo while making significant technology contributions.He has a background in systems and networking and holds several patents.

Manav Ratan Mital, Founder & CEO
With a career spanning over 13 years, Manav has worked with companies like Yahoo! and Aster Data where he played a pivotal role in building the technology stack for the organizations.

Raghu Venkat, Co-Founder & CPO
Responsible for support, site reliability and operations, Raghu has gained over 11 years of experience working with organizations like Google, Aster Data and Motorola.

Hariharan Kolam, Co-Founder & CTO
Hariharan is responsible for focusing on long-term innovation and competitiveness. He brings with him years of experience from Aster Data and Solaris Cluster group at Sun. He holds several patents to his name.

Offices: Palo Alto (Headquarter), Bengaluru, New York, Boston, Portland, London, & Australia

- Solutions: Performance, Security, Agility capabilities, inclusive of a Content Delivery Network.
- Technology: End-point aware Application Delivery Platform that has Machine Learning and is Mobile First.