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Date:   Monday , January 30, 2017

Any game/sport that bestows thrilling and engaged experience is worth investing time in. Rohit Sehgal, a data analyst with a global entity, invests up to eight hours every day playing poker online, often making up to Rs.10,000 within 15 minutes. Of course, he does lose money as well, but not much now-a-days since he has gained proficiency through his two years of online gaming career. Not just one Rahul, but having carved many professional online gamers out of Indian millennial is, India\'s largest online poker gaming platform. Strictly following the highest corporate practices and having become a brand that is trusted by its users for their online transactions with real money, has marched from a single game variant and a few thousand players in 2011 to four popular variants and almost ten lac registered players in 2016, and from players winning two lakh monthly in tournaments, to the collective guarantees running in two crores.

A Genuinely Legal Platform

The story of is the story of online poker revolution in India. Inspired from smoothly running akin international online poker forums, the idea sprouted in the year 2011 when Zynga Poker on Facebook was tasting success in the market with its free poker game and lakhs of Indians were getting hooked. The IITian founders of Gaussian Network Pvt. Ltd., Anuj Gupta and Mohit Agarwal, launched into this niche market embedded with a dream of bestowing lakhs of Indians the first legitimate online poker platform. However, the road to triumph was quite demanding and extremely tangled. Mohit Agarwal, Co-Founder, recalls those days, \"Unfounded mindset about poker as a gambling and lack of clarity about legality of poker became the biggest drawbacks. We had to educate banks, investors and various partners about the legality of games of skill such as poker. It was a two pronged battle\". The team was able to persuade everyone inchmeal about how games of skill are different from gambling and how poker is classified as a game of skill in India just like any other skill game such as Chess, Pool or Golf.

Adda52 has a cutting edge software with a simple user interface (UI), the compliance and ethical practices backed them up, in addition to multi-layer security assurance. \"What catapulted to become a big poker brand in the Asian market was this vision of not merely having people come to our site and make a buck, but to play and master poker. Play poker as a game of skill and as a lifestyle,\" asserts Anuj Gupta, Founder & CEO, Perceiving the thrive of this popular gaming website that has grown 50 percent year-after-year, Delta Corp Ltd, the largest & only listed gaming company in India that operates casinos and resorts in Goa, acquired Gaussian Network in 2016 over a deal worth Rs.150 crore.

The Matchless Gaming Experience

Unlike the peers, is determined in bestowing a professional gaming experience. This vision in turn led them to take advantage of cutting edge technologies to design this platform. Conveniently playable on all smartphones and computers, the software used on has been certified by iTech Labs (an ISO/IEC 17025 certified testing laboratory for online gaming systems), Australia for fair play and Random Number Generator (RNG). The server side logic (the core business logic which the game runs) is built in Java, while the UI of browsers is made attractive using HTML5 &AngularJS. On the other hand, the mobile interface is carved using \'Xamarin\' that allows reusability of codes, which helps to provide identical experience through Android and iOS smartphones. \"We deliver everything post comprehensively considering the Indian networks and infrastructure, which ensures an uninterrupted gaming experience for users with low latency even in poor bandwidth,\" says Mohit.

\"We continuously keep benchmarking ourselves against the best user experience. Since the gamers login into the site for real money, their primary focus is intentionally kept towards the playing elements on the table. That is why we keep our interface extremely clean,\" he adds. Another aspect that the users are genuinely happy about is the security assurance and trust factor delivered by the company, which has been rock-solid ever since the inception. The network is encrypted end-to-end using standard HTTPS SSL protocols, and the company undergoes periodic audits to ensure no leakage.

Ensuring Security of Your Money

A user can seamlessly get started with gaming immediately after logging in. He needs to add \'chips\' to his Adda52 wallet using any of the popular online payment instruments (Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Internet Banking and Wallets). To offer lakhs of Indian poker players such a platform to safely pay using online banking and withdraw their winnings instantly into their bank account, the company has tied up with several banks and payments gateways such as PayU, Paytm and Techprocess. The payment gateways use industry best practices and adhere to PCI-DSS compliance standards to ensure the highest standards of security are followed.

This tightly secured environment has proffered the company with a pan India user base. With an ever growing gamer base, hosts 30,000+ users on a monthly basis and 500+ users online at any given point of time. Applying unconventional methods such as car branding, movie tie-ups (such as Mary Kom and Bajirao Mastani), and hosting college tournaments in the best B-schools and colleges across India, the company helps potential players and hidden talents to experience the game. The extensive amount of structured and unstructured user/game data produced by this large user base is stored in the big data platforms like MongoDB, which is frequently analyzed by the Advanced Reporting Panel of the company who churns out these numbers to understand the tastes of the user and further enhance their experience.

Multiple Choices

Running 24x7 in Ring, Tournament, Sprint and Sit-n-Go formats, offers four variants of Poker - No Limit Texas Hold\'em, Pot Limit Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo and Crazy Pineapple at various stakes. \"Our games have been developed for all level of players from amateurs to the professionals by dedicated game specialists keeping in mind all facets of poker,\" asserts Mohit. To bring more engagement to the game, the company instigates various promotions - from tournaments where players get a chance to play internationally like \'Fly to Vegas\' or \'WPT Events\' to games focused on prizes like premium motor-bikes, latest iPhones, Apple watch and many more. \"We also conduct several prestigious online tournaments for players such as Poker Millionaire Tour (PMT) and Adda52 Millions where players can take home lakhs in winnings,\" adds Mohit.

Understanding how the game is evolving, Adda52 has also introduced an innovation - to become the first company anywhere in the world where users can win prizes for selecting the best performing virtual poker team. Furthermore, it also recognizes Player of the Year (POY) for every year and provides them with exciting prizes. Adda52 has also formed a team of poker pros that represent India in prominent national and international Poker tournaments, giving recognition to the most deserving talents like Amit Jain, Kunal Patni, Tarun Goyal and Nikita Luther.

En route to the Future

Catering to its workforce with a flat structure and transparent & open communication, even encourages its in-house team to organize Poker related get-togethers and Poker themed parties to both unwind and understand the game better and in turn further enhance the gaming experience of the players. The company had received angel investment from well-known names in the Indian online investment ecosystem, and today, with direction of mentors such as Alok Mittal (ex-MD, Canaan Partners - India and Founder of Indifi), it is curating huge international plans. Besides increasing the user base to 10,00,000 and supporting all of them simultaneously, also plans to reduce the network latency and amount of data sent on the network, in order to improve the game experience in tier-two and tier-three cities of our country. \"We will continue focusing on new advancements for mobile platforms and continue introducing newer variants of poker to the Indian market,\" concludes Mohit. Having combated the recent demonetization successfully, is determined in achieving the anticipated.

Key Management:

Anuj Gupta

Anuj is an MBA from IIT Delhi and started his career as a Software Trainee with Tata Consultancy Services in 2001 and since then has worked with Ingersoll Rand, Infosys, HCL Technologies and more. With over 15 years of experience and a decade of proven track record in IT sector, Anuj Gupta has emerged as a catalyst for the growth of online gaming industry in India.

Mohit Agarwal

Mohit is a tech-entrepreneur with Masters in Electrical and Computer Science from UC Berkeley and Btech from IIT Delhi. Mohit co-founded Adda52 in 2011 after having worked in companies such as Ittiam Systems and Conexant Systems.

Office: Kolkata

Awards & Recognitions:

  • Ranked among Top 20 Product Companies in India by siliconindia Magazine

  • Covered in Bloomberg TV on the show \'The Great Indian Startups\'