Shadowfax: The Brand New Sprint Boots for Indian Logistics

Date:   Friday , June 03, 2016

The Third Party Logistics (3PL) market is forecasted to strike $925.31 billion by 2020 globally. As a prime contender from Asia, Indian market is also bouncing at a rate of 22 percent CAGR to match a $62 billion contribution. This synopsis opens up a plethora of opportunities for Indian logistics pristine. But this huge sector of market is just lacing up to make a move in terms of technology consumption when analogized with global logistics infrastructure, which is already running on its boots.

A Gurgaon based start-up, Shadowfax is the perfect medicine for this tech-thirst. With its well organized stratagem and technology to satisfy the arena of local business logistics exigency, it pilots customers to reduce the product cost by 40 percent! Ruling the logistics sphere in eight cities currently, Shadowfax was born in April last year as a brain child of two college buddies, Abhishek Bansal and Vaibhav Khandelwal. While working with some of their current employees for a couple of years, these young breeds scrutinized the logistics market in India and globally and found a huge crater that needed to be filled immediately. Like a maths enthusiast who prefers interesting problems than plain ones, this technology aficionados opted to carve a \'well-organized\' firm in this fragmented logistics sector.

Today, this extraordinary brand satisfies the logistic needs of local business layers such as Food, Grocery, Pharmaceuticals and e-Commerce and reduces the cost of entire logistics system by more than 35 percent through its efficient brushing of technology in logistics canvas. Synchronizing this \'e-canvas\' with a mountainous 3000-folks workforce equipped Shadowfax to process almost 25,000 deliveries a day. In this shut-eye time period, the company has built an ecosystem that works hand-in-hand with some well known organizations including McDonald\'s, Pizza Hut, Jabong, Snapdeal, Fortex and Paytm as well as some SMBs such as Wendys India and Om Sweets. \"Although people trusted our brand immensely, we lacked the speed and efficiency to cope with the growing demand for doorstep delivery. That\'s where Shadowfax stepped in. Our order capacity has tripled ever since we\'ve partnered with them. Now they\'re a part of the family too,\" asserts Rajnish Puri, GM, Om Sweets. He mirrors a cosmic range of SMB possessors who love Shadowfax because of its product-security level, technology expertise, delivery speed and the pay-per-delivery nature.

What Makes The Difference?

Shadowfax is an organization which breathes technology. It expels the vague wait for ordered products by opening up its entire process through GPS and exclusive night delivery features to cherish the customer base. To cement the crack due to non-uniform internet connectivity of our country, the company offers full offline reach of its delivery boys with an exclusive alert system. The strength of trustable rider & executive workforce dynasty empower the company to give promise on orders it takes on that it is delivered on time, even through peak and rush-hour traffic.

To engineer this uniqueness, it sharpens its workforce by teaming its high performers with mentors from research scholars of Cornel University to find solutions for difficult problems. \"For finding our solutions, we did a lot of academic collaboration. We help people travel to different places, so they can learn best practices in diverse companies following similar problems. Through all these factors, we are delivering double the volume of our nearest competitor. So, basically it is almost like 10 times more efficient,\" says Abhishek Bansal, CEO, Shadowfax.

Riding With Proud

The \'Team Shadowfax\' itself is so young resembling a vibrant college gang, the average age of employees comes under 25 years! Even the bright riders are fresh and just-out of college or experienced a couple of years, which creates a team-driven atmosphere rather than hierarchical management. \"We have a very nice uniform. I feel even more proud to be a Shadowfax Rider when I wear it. Everyone looks at us with respect because of it\". Master of these words, Kuntesh Bhagat who earns Rs. 20,000 a month, is one among many Shadowfax riders who echo the same sentiments as other Shadowfaxers. The company not only provides a neat and executive style of dressing to its road riders but also treated as pearls, realizing that they are the base of everything.

Key Management:

Abhishek Bansal, Founder & CEO
Earned his commerce basics through an organization restructuring assignment from one of the largest global retailer across India and China, Hay group.

Vaibhav Khandelwal, Co-Founder & CTO
As a research analyst, Vaibhav capitalized the opportunity and learned the basics from System Two, the financial advisor platform.

Offices: Bengaluru (Headquarter), Mumbai & New Delhi

Offerings: Organized Local Logistics with tracking and alert systems