Data Resolve Technologies: Making Data Security Easier, Yet Safer

Date:   Tuesday , March 15, 2016

It is rightly said that securing information in an organization is worth storing diamonds in the present era of digitalization. However organizations, despite of several best-of-the-breed technologies that aid layered security approach, many-a-times fall prey to sophisticated data theft, not only from external hackers, but also from internal one. On the other hand, inability to monitor incidents, their ever-increasing costs, the complex infrastructures and lack of qualified cyber security professionals pose as a major threat for organizations. \"In addition, integration of disparate controls becomes a key challenge. However, with cloud adoption and integrated analytics stacks available, they are re-kindling the thoughts of building a consolidated model and that has been our success story till now,\" explains Dhruv Khanna, CEO & Promoter, Data Resolve Technologies - one of the key players in the Cyber Security market today.

Defend Data with inDefend

As one of the early adopters of delivering security from cloud platform, Data Resolve was founded in 2008 by a group of IIT Kharagpur alumni with a prime focus on cyber security and cyber intelligence, and endeavors to build robust and safe ecosystem by implanting integrated end-point security through a single security integrated platform. \"We forayed into enterprise market with our new product offering in 2014 and the journey was rife with varied challenges. But, thanks to my customers who entrusted us with an opportunity to partner and helped us to launch many co-creations,\" asserts Dhruv. Today, with 100+ customers across 18+ high-end domains, the venture is widely recognized for its award-winning inDefend Business suite that alleviates the potential business risks from within and outside the company\'s network with its intelligent analytics. Backed by cloud framework, the customized solutions\' portfolio is built so as to suffice the needs of small and large enterprises alike.

Through intelligent information analysis and integrated threat management analytics system, inDefend generates actionable cyber intelligence reports and blocks unauthorized devices, social media, web services, email attachments and file uploads, while the relevant data access is kept intact throughout the process through device and network access control. With dexterity to deliver detailed real-time information on the leakage, the suite not only monitors employee\'s behavior and productivity, but also enables external device encryption, IP protection and employee forensics. The innovation is available both on-premise as well as cloud mode.

The Successful Recipe

Data Resolve draws its strength from its team of young professionals who love to impart their own brand of their dynamic ideas, approach and attitude. The organization firmly believes that workplaces adopt the best practices of different culture and in the process; it creates a better working environment. Likewise, every employee is given an equal opportunity to explore himself. Their ideas are encouraged at the open forum by H.O.Ds, whereas, their skills are honed and kept pace with the latest breakthroughs in the industry through regular closed sessions and workshops.

Having established a niche in enterprise sector, Data Resolve has reaped in numerous eminent awards like Top 10 Emerging Companies (NASSCOM), Emerging Information Product Company 2014 (DSCI) and couple of media recognitions. Eying at expanding into MEA and U.S., the company is currently rearing to launch its next product platform soon. To catalyze such growth, the company is also in plans to raise its next round of funding from institutional investors.