QualityKiosk: Striving to be the Scientists of Software Testing

Date:   Wednesday , August 28, 2013

The worldwide software testing outsourcing market is expected to grow from $30 billion in 2010 to $50 billion in 2020 and India is expected to be the biggest beneficiary of this growth and expected to contribute $15 billion by 2020. The key drivers to this growth include faster time to market, compelling cost advantage, evolution of technologies, and availability of a skilled talent pool. This is precisely what the 13-year old IT Services Company QualityKiosk believes in and provide to its customers thus becoming one of the largest independent software testing houses.
Initially started with a focus in India, today the company provides a full gamut of testing services including functional testing, test automation, performance testing, monitoring services and offshore testing to Middle-East, APAC and the U.S. These services help the clients to accelerate application transformation by empowering application teams to plan, build, test and sustain for the release of applications, components and services with fewer delays and better quality. Till date, the company has completed over 1400 projects and any project certified by QualityKiosk has never been rolled back due to quality issues. Its philosophy of ‘Empowering Business Sustenance’ along with its impeccable credentials, passion for quality excellence and its expertise entrusts it as a preferred testing partner for its clients and every client will vow to this philosophy of QualityKiosk.

“Primarily serving the BFSI sector, we serve around 30 banks and 25 insurance companies around the world. 3 out of the top 5 major insurance companies in Far East Asia are our customers and we are targeting the emerging markets in the BFSI segment,” says Maneesh Jhawar, CEO, Director & Founder, QualityKiosk.
QualityKiosk believes in providing services which are always focused on an outcome and to do this, it goes that extra mile to make its customer successful, helping the company to get around 70 percent of its business revenue from fixed cost projects. Its repeat business has a cent-percent reference rate. “This is possible because each employee right from the junior to the senior level loves to take accountability and we ensure the value is delivered in every project of ours. We have never lost a single client inspite of them being targeted by the big names in the industry,” adds a proud Jhawar.

QualityKiosk believes in investing in emerging technologies. Its early detection of the emerging trends like mobile and cloud has helped the company to grow 35-40 percent year-on-year. The company has two successful products in the market and one of its products targeting the insurance segment has helped the major insurance companies in the Far East Asia to release their products much faster and reduce the cost of releasing the products as compared to the regular testing methods. QualityKiosk believes in bringing new technologies to the market and being a thought leader in how one can leverage technology to do better testing.

Bringing Diversity in its Role

In this current cut throat competition, one cannot just play the role of a pure play services company. Understanding this, QualityKiosk has started investing in products and platforms quite early than its competition. It has successfully released its products that are creating buzz in the market. “Our focus will remain in building products and platforms. We have built a very powerful ecosystem of fellow IITians leveraging their strength to build some of these successful products. We do not just want to be a testing services provider, but the scientists of software testing and we operate with this mindset,” explains Jhawar.

The market needs have made the customers smart. They demand all the dimensions like quality, cost and speed from a single provider.
Understanding this requirement, QualityKiosk has sharpened all the arsenals to become far more efficient in terms of testing methodology and is able to provide benefits to its customers in terms of cost and speed with agile based methodologies based on these needs.
When Tata Motors was struggling to improve operational productivity and reduce hardware and maintenance costs while continuing to deliver consistent customer service across the enterprise, QualityKiosk helped them mitigate this challenge. The challenge was met by reducing the number of hot fixes, cutting the number of manual testing hours, improving the staff efficiency and reducing operations costs. With the optimization services, QualityKiosk continue to be instrumental in reducing Tata Motor’s costs for servers that house customer data and production machines as well as cutting staff hours required for application testing and achieve an ROI of 284 percent within a short span of time.

Recently, QualityKiosk has been working with a large insurance service provider in the Far East who has come up with new products and faced difficulty to do complete regression testing for every change. They tried the services provided by various big players in the testing industry, but to vain. The testing tools were able to only automate the execution, however they realized that if they have 15 days to do testing; it took 10-12 days just to modify the pack practically left with no time to test. QualityKiosk has built a complete product for them which perform the entire function end-to-end.

Vision set for the Company

QualityKiosk do not just believe in growth in terms of employee strength, rather by its products and platforms that will help it continue to grow at 35-40 percent in the coming years. It is planning to provide more non-linear offerings which it expects will drive the company’s growth. In terms of geographic expansion, QualityKiosk plans to take its business to ANZ and Africa.