Sapcon: Automating the Measurement of Industrial Processes

Date:   Wednesday , October 08, 2014

It is an ugly truth that most Indians don\'t necessarily believe in Indian products. Though they are ready to die for India, their sense of loyalty and patriotism vanishes when it comes to buying Indian products. Sapcon Instruments is busting their myth with a proven track record of designing and manufacturing products way better than foreign companies in affordable price. Their ROHS, CCOE/PESO compliant products with ISI & BIS marks are diligently put through rigorous environmental tests like elevated temperature and dust test by Sapcon\'s robust R&D; for plants with variable and extreme temperature/pressure conditions.

Though money making is the best byproduct of their innovations, Sapcon is addicted to providing right solutions with accuracy & assured results at good cost, while supporting customers in achieving good control over processes. \"For applications requiring customized product solution, Sapcon either modifies an existing product or designs something new from ground up. Our flexible manufacturing system reduces lead time and costs involved in made-to-order systems,\" says, Marketing Executive, Sapcon Instruments.

Customer Compliant

Sapcon has not only mastered the skill of product customization, but can also deliver them in a very affordable price, unlike other foreign manufacturing companies. Founded in 1983 with a mission to help automate the measurement of industrial processes, the company leverages its decades of application engineering expertise to transform the perspective quickly to prototype, build and deliver systems precisely to customer\'s critical requirements. Sapcon not only ensures that their products are available all the time in right & clean condition but also assures rapid delivery through their robust system that absolutely yields to the customers. They are neither too manual to delay the delivery nor too robotic to confuse the customers.

Sapcon designs and manufactures a wide range of industrial process control and automation instruments including level instruments, speed monitoring systems and pressure sensors. Their technical savoir faire features a broad range of level-sensing technologies including capacitance, RF-admittance, conductivity and ultrasonic among others. The company has specific solutions for the wide spectrum of industries including cement plants, UN plants and power plants among others. Municipal Corporation is amongst the fortunate ones to have Sapcon\'s water management system. The company has a strong presence and exports process automation instruments across 4 continents and over 70 countries including U.S., Australia, China, Russia, Greece, Malaysia and Thailand among others.

The industry holds huge opportunities for Sapcon, since people are swiftly moving towards automation due to the increasing demand for hygiene & accuracy where hardly 3 percent of automation has occurred. With the plenty of opportunities in the huge market comes the challenge of competition. The main challenge Sapcon is vigorously battling out is the foreign competition aka Indian\'s lack of loyalty to Indian products. However, once the customers got the taste of Sapcon\'s luxury, they are glued to them and become their advocates.

The company increases employees\' efficiency by creating a great environment to work in their plush office, which is nearly a lac square foot and situated in the heart of Indore. The well-educated directors are the brain of the company, who are keen on hiring the best talent. Having constantly working with industry experts and being abreast with latest technological advancements, Sapcon\'s dedicated R&D team is the company\'s backbone, that incessantly designs new, intuitive instruments, while cutting down costs. Their production team comprising of Mechanical & Electronics Engineering experts works as the heart of Sapcon, that is responsible for production/assembly/testing and QC. Sapcon\'s sales & marketing team are the face of the company, who travel extensively and interact with customers to find their problems/questions and guide them with the best solutions.

Though Sapcon has covered many instruments under the process parameter Level, they endeavor to complete the basket of Level & speed monitoring that has plethora of instruments and also expand to other process parameters. The quality conscious company having countless certifications akin to ISO 9000s, 3000s, 22000s, NSIC is in the process of getting few more certifications. The company will always keep customers\' convenience as their priority and ensure whether instruments work perfectly even through the night so the operator can sleep peacefully.


Key Management:

Ashwin R. Palshikar, Marketing Executive

This 29-year old entrepreneur did his schooling from The Daly College Indore and MBA in Family Business from SP Jain, Mumbai.


Unilever, Ultratech Cement, ACC Limited, Nestle, Godrej, L&T, FMCG and Vodafone


Indore (headquarter), Pune with channel partners in U.S and Dubai and delivery centers in 70 countries.


Tuning/Vibrating Fork Level Measurement Switches, RF Admittance Level Switches, Conductivity Level Measurement Switches, Speed O Tester


1. GS Parkhe awards from Maharashtra chamber of commerce for vibrating fork
2. Won Central Excise award for three consecutive years for being the top tax payer
3. Got good financial rating by Dunn and Bradstreet and Crisil