Mobility: The Next Major IT Paradigm

Date:   Wednesday , October 02, 2013

India’s mobile internet is undergoing a quantum leap offering India’s Mobile App development industry a huge potential market. As per the recent reports, Mobile games and applications in India are expected to be a Rs.2,700 crore market by 2016, driven by strong smart phone growth and expanding 3G user-base. As mobility is going to be the next major IT paradigm, it gives a very good reason for CIOs to have mobility as top priority in their agenda.

Around 90 percent of the top 50 technology providers have communicated mobility initiatives over the past two years, with 128 announcements for significant merger, joint venture, or product launch activities.
Moreover, employees and business alike are demanding mobile transformations to drive business productivity and also transforming how the enterprises interact with the customers. Yet what may be less clear to the enterprises is whether the best app development path is to create a mobile app from scratch, use an app that requires customization, or purchase an app “off the shelf” from an app store. And then, how should your enterprise best distribute these applications to users once the apps are developed and available.

The app development debate is sapping up considerable organizational attention today – especially in large organizations that often have the budget and IT resources to build their own mobile business application. While there are several concerns of security, control, cost vs benefits and aligning business goals with enterprise going mobile is clogging in CIOs mind, the challenge is to find the right enterprise mobile solutions providers.

This issue siliconIndia presents you “20 Most Promising Mobile Application Companies” that becomes an aid to CIOs of enterprises. These companies are not only good in solving the CIOs concerns, but also are great in aligning business goals.

Also we have the compelling story of Devendra Deshmukh, the man behind e-Zest Solutions who got moved by a book named ‘The Creation of wealth - The Tatas from the 19th to 21st century’ by R M Lala and went on to build a million dollar company.

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Christo Jacob
Managing Editor