Globalization of Entrepreneurship Is the Biggest Challenge

Date:   Tuesday , December 02, 2014

The industry is abuzz with trends. The enterprise technology space, for instance, is witnessing more and more decisions being taken, especially with respect to technology, by people in the operations sections, which are aimed at enabling better decisions that are faster and effective. There has been a drastic change in the way big data has been approached, especially in the last few years. Today, big data has emerged as a clear opportunity in the enterprise infrastructure space, which could help in arriving at better decisions and improving operations. The company is closely following these trends, among which, big data has been of special importance.

Entrepreneurs Going Global
In these days, entrepreneurship is going global. With respect to Silicon Valley, many organizations based in the area, currently, have a worldwide presence. Compared to earlier times, this has been the biggest change in the venture capital market, shortening the physical distance between cities such as Bangalore, Silicon Valley and others across the globe. The on-going levels of globalization have forced entrepreneurs to locate expertise from around the world.

Opportunities are abundant, in different sectors, be it operations, applications or infrastructure. Entrepreneurs should find the right ways to utilize these opportunities. Entrepreneurs should work towards betterment of the concerned sector.

The Crucial Roadblocks
The recent challenges are centered on raising funds. Another roadblock that often surfaces in the Silicon Valley is the scarcity of talent. Of late, several public companies such as Google are in search of talent from the Valley, thereby making it difficult for start-ups to find talented employees. A look at the current ways of market trends to thinking out of the box, as it is often difficult to counter competition without having the right talent and funds.

However, all roadblocks are opportunities in disguise, and one should know how to identify them. The task of developing a good company with good people in the current times is quite difficult. The key approach that would enable entrepreneurs deal with the current market is to be adaptive and continue to do what you are good at. It is critical to observe and analyze the market. Further, entrepreneurs should be receptive to changes. (As told to Anushree)