TalentSprint: Licensed to Skill

Date:   Sunday , November 23, 2014

It is ironic that in spite of millions of young people graduating every year, India faces a huge dearth of talent. Fresh graduates everywhere are facing an uphill challenge in terms of securing a job. Studies indicate that just less than a quarter of students graduating in a year are actually employable. Conceived to bridge this gap, TalentSprint Pvt. Ltd. - a Hyderabad headquartered professional skill development and integrated talent management has created a platform that connects employers with skilled job seekers.

Incorporated in 2009, TalentSprintis a leader in creating high performance professionals for the global industry through its integrated talent management solutions. With its primary focus on entry level talent, the firm offers an optimal mix of learning, certification and access to employment, thus benefitting both the job applicants and the recruiters. \"We view skill development through the eyes of the job seeker who wishes to pursue the right skills in line with his or her career aspirations. In particular, we operate in knowledge-intensive verticals like information technology and banking,\" affirms Santanu Paul, CEO &MD, TalentSprint.

TalentSprint embodies the idea that skills must be delivered swiftly and effectively in line with the market requirement. The company offers a collegial and transparent work culture with excellent diversity, flexible work options and culture of continuous learning along with a meritocratic environment that encourages entrepreneurial decision making at all levels.

Positioned as a Skills 2.0 company, TalentSprint strives to follow a simple yet differentiated strategy in its offerings. The organization uses digital marketing in terms of outreach and market awareness creation and learning technologies to supplement their contact-oriented skill programs, while expanding their network of interested employers. TalentSprint is also committed to involving itself in hands-on creation of highly exclusive skills and employability platform in terms of scale and scope. Funded by National Skill Development Corporation and Nexus Venture Partners, the company endeavours to provide a virtual campus that offers just-in-time recruiting model for certified entry-level talent. The TalentSprint team also offers skill boosting interventions to college campuses, thus helping them raise their desirability in the eyes of employers.

Mapping the Future

With the name that captures the desire to enable young job seekers to reach his or her first employment opportunity swiftly through requisite skills; TalentSprint has developed a network of company partners with more than 250 employers and 150 colleges, and has skilled 50,000 young job-seekers since its inception. The company has now embarked on an ambitious mission to skill one million young people by 2020 through a judicious blend of contact learning, online learning, and college interventions.



1) TechnoChoice
2) BankersChoice
3) SuperCampus
4) TenXLabs
Key Management:

1) Dr. Santanu Paul - CEO & MD

Dr. Santanu started his career in New York as a Research Scientist at the coveted IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. This alumnus of IIT-Madras also worked in Boston as Chief Technology Officer of Viveca and Openpages and in Virtusa Corporation as Senior Vice President for Global Delivery Operations & Head of Indian Operations. He is also a member of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) and Adjunct Professor at IIT-Hyderabad.

2) MadhumurtyRonanki - President

With over 20 years of experience in building strong delivery and testing capability organizations, Madhumurty is appreciated for his deep passion for employability. Before TalentSprint,Madhumurtyheld key leadership positions at Virtusa, AppLabs, Accenture and Baan India. His current charter at TalentSprint is to handle remote learning and campus learning programs.

3) JA Chowdary - Chairman

Prior to TalentSprint, Chowdarywas also heading Portal Player-India, J.A as President & CEO. He was also working as a Founding Director at STPIs in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad and as Managing Directorat NVIDIA Corporation. Currently, he also holds dignitary positions of Co-Chairman at FICCI-AP Chapter and President of ADI Foundation.

Awards & Recognitions:

1.Skoch Digital Inclusion Award 2011
2. NASSCOM Emerge 50 2011
3. NSDC Best Performer Award 2012
4. FICCI Leapvault Skills Champion Roll of Honour, 2012
5. Red Herring Asia Top 100 2012
6. NSDC Best Performer Award 2013

Investors: NSDC and Nexus Ventures

CEO Speak:

The oldest civilization is now the youngest nation on this planet. India has the potential to become the workforce for the world given that India has more than 50 percent of its population below the age of 25 and more than 65 percent below the age of 35. It is expected that, in 2020, the average age of an Indian will be 29 years, compared to 37 for China and 48 for Japan.

Given this tremendous potential, it is imperative for us as a country to focus not only on skill development of the millions of young graduates but also along the entire value chain from mobilization to placement including post placement support and up-skilling to stay relevant. TalentSprint is determined to create a high social impact through its single minded mission of skilling and enabling ONE million young job-seekers by 2020.