Minds Solvit: A Maestro in Software Testing

Date:   Tuesday , May 19, 2015

The IT industry has become a source of livelihood for millions and simultaneously, a symbol of modernization and progress. Yet the world of software and coding is not without travails and rather unique peculiar perils. Software anomalies have become a great hindrance not just to modern businesses but also to daily life. Late last year, e-Commerce site Flipkart crashed during a mammoth flash sale drawing the ire of scores of consumers. Even a ten-minute outage of Facebook or Twitter makes global headlines. And BlackBerry\'s woes got publicized after its services infamously crashed in 2012, disrupting millions of users.

To minimize such software glitches, tech aficionados realized the importance of software testing to deliver quality products to end users and offer an uninterrupted service. One startup that has quickly established itself in this complex field is Minds Solvit, which was set up in mid 2013 by Doddappa Nisty with a vision to offer quality testing to ensure software processes is up to the client\'s requirement, whilst maintaining the cost and quality of a product with timely delivery.

\"Predicting the future of Technology and preparing ahead in time has been a key factor in our success. Cloud Computing is one of key areas of our interest and we hope to invest heavily in it,\" says Safia Fatima, the CTO of Minds Solvit.

Minds Solvit offers an extensive gamut of software services based on global best practices such as Test Process Assessment, Software Testing and Performance Analysis. \"We take a customer-centric approach and we have adopted multiple test of quality standard here. We also offer end testing services with a committed to provide the best of world class services,\" Doddappa Nisty, CEO, Mind Solvit says.

Minds Solvit is proficient in providing a wide range of services in the testing domain including regression testing, performance testing and automation. To ensure that the services provided by the company to its clients are \'spot on\', it banks on process leaning and sound understanding of technology, as a result clients get worthy value of the time and resources spent on Minds Solvit making the venture stand out in the market. To do this, the company uses the best of testing tools available within the industry including LoadRunner and BlazeMeter. The establishment has a widespread proficiency, knowledge, capital and infrastructure with the help of which it builds up software applications as per the need and budget of the clients. The venture believes in providing customized solutions for each of its clients. Besides testing activities, the company also provides an entrance for its customers to showcase their product in the global platform.

The challenges are substantial as new software bugs keep popping up from time to time and Minds Solvit believes in continuous innovation in building software applications according to the needs and budgets of the customers to eliminate any such glitches. Doddappa believes in the power of an enthusiastic team and goodwill amongst its staff and customers to constantly rise up the value chain. This is why he incepted the company in Gulbarga, the center of best of engineering graduates of northern Karnataka. The organization not just consumes the best brains out there but also helps to stop the brain drain as people today do not have to leave their city for earning and opportunities. With quality deliveries at optimal prices, the demand of the company has been on a hockey stick growth since inception. Thus, the fun-filled family-like company plans to expand its team of 25 enthusiasts to 100 soon with a promise to have quality deliveries as the top most priority.