TurtleDove Technologies: Helping You Ideate, Integrate & Collaborate Your Businesses

Date:   Monday , December 14, 2015

The Digital India initiative gave wings to various companies, especially startups and SMBs to take advantage of it by having an online presence. This sudden hype in the market led to mushrooming of a lot of web development companies who all wanted to cash-on on this opportunity. However, very few of these startups were successful in producing the desired results for their clients.Standing out among few such successful companies is the Mumbai-based technology services startup - TurtleDove Technologies.

TurtleDove Technologies was founded by a group of three qualified technology professionalsin December last year, with a vision to ensure efficient interactions, trustworthy computing and innovative functionality among its customers. Software Engineering, Customer Centricity, Continuous Delivery and Business Intelligence & Analytics are some of the key factors that have molded TurtleDove into a full-fledged software solutions firm. Through these innovative software solutions, the company has grown into one of the most trustworthy and customer-friendly software development firms.

Serving Multiple Cuisines on a Single Plate

TurtleDove now has evolved into a one-stop destination for the businesses to take care of all their technology requirements like Website development, eCommerce platform development, Digital marketing (SEO, SMO, SEM, SMM), Mobile app development, Software applications development and Database management services, thereby enabling them to concentrate primarily on their business plans and growth strategies.The company has a separate portfolio of three designing services namely - Web Design (responsive, PHP, eCommerce &WordPress), Graphic Design (Websites, Banners, Emailers &Flyers) and Print Design (Brochures, Visiting cards &Digital art).

Unlike other web development companies who use legacy technologies to build websites that result in nothing but loss, TurtleDove takes the route through the most advanced technologies like Magento, Joomla & Drupal on both LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python) and WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python) environments to help businesses create strong branding across their websites, logos and signs. Understanding that content is the new prince of business development, TurtleDove has carved a niche specialization in designing content for businesses to helps them grab customer attention.

Stand-out Factor

What makes TurtleDove stand-out is its clean boutique-like approach to the customer challenges and a single focus to provide the best available software solutions to the clients whilst helping them scale new heights.

\"Our expert team consistently exceeds client expectations and swiftly hits the running track to deliver measureable results in the most difficult situations. So far we are recognized for our best practices and risk mitigation disciplines that assure delivery - on time, within budget, and to exacting quality standards. In other words, we sweat the details to ensure success,\" says Felix Thattil, Director & CIO, TurtleDove Technologies.

Helping TurtleDove reach such pinnacle is its skillful and highly knowledgeable employees who work on the mantra of Positive Psychology. The company\'s management and the employees share a strong bond of energy and engagement which makes them capable of producing high performance levels. Employees take ownership of their jobs and strive to excel. There are open opportunities for every employee to climb the corporate ladder; provided they have the required skills and talent. TurtleDove frequently organizes discussions about various skill-sets that an employee needs to possess to go to their next level, how to develop those skills and how to manage their weaknesses, as the motto of the company is \'Develop Strengths and Manage Weaknesses\'.

Competing Against the Mirror

The founders firmly believe that theircompany currently has no competitors and is self-competing. Through rigorous self-evaluation of its services & planning new business strategies to offer an added business value to its customers, TurtleDove Technologies envisions to build a long-term relationship with its customers by providing all the services on a single platform. The company is passionate and confident about its future objectives and aims to grow together with those it connects with in some form or the other.


Felix Thattil, Director & CIO

An Innovative Information Communication and Technology leader, Felix has over two decades of industry experience in building technological strategies & objectives to create business value for the organization. He had been playing the role of CIO/CTO with multiple Indian and Global companies. He is also involved in many IT related debates to CIO & CTO audience and is also the member of the Gartner Research Circle.

Biju Abraham

For over two decades, Biju Abraham has been managing both Technology and Office Automation solutions to corporates, government institutes and SMEs. His expertise enables him to recognize and convert opportunities into a successful business ventures.

Rajeev John

Been in the industry for more than two decades of which 15 years have been as Technocrat and Serial Entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship was all about creating value for organizations and people working with him. He is passionate about new technologies and has the ability to recognize how organizations can adopt them for greater business value.

Offices: Mumbai (Headquarter), Powai

Services: Website Development, eCommerce Platform Development, Mobile Apps Development,Software Application Development, Database Management and Digital Marketing Services.