Consumer Behavior on Digital Platforms in 2016 v/s Expectations in 2017

Date:   Friday , December 30, 2016

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The year 2016 has witnessed the power of m-Commerce like never before, and it is only getting bigger and better. The majority of e-Commerce marketplaces have a digital presence through, mobile & app shopping to capitalize on India\'s Internet user\'s base that has increased exponentially. Easy availability of cost effective internet enabled smart devices has taken over the Indian sub-continent, there will be a handful of trends that will shape the mobile market. The foundation of these trends has been laid such that it will add to the power and growth of m-Commerce immensely. E-commerce giants like Grofers, Ola, TinyOwl and Faasos have taken on the app-only approach. Using app-only route has quite a few advantages attached to it both for the app as well as the user. App usage offers a personalized distraction-free approach, better customer experience, easy accessibility and accurate user data. Apps have a greater reach as the number the smart devices clearly exceed the range of personal computers.

There has been a considerable investment into building data, technology and channelized their efforts towards building insightful data analytics, gathered a stronger tech team and reinvented their marketing style too. The motive behind such investment is to ensure that they are equipped to provide the users a social, predictive and real-life shopping experience and finally move beyond offers and discounts. Advanced technology has brought about remarkable changes in user behavior. Customers are more fickle and less loyal now than ever before. To retain users digital platforms are coming up with features like image search, a mall-like shopping experience, try on delivery and more. Mobile shopping is now given a personalized edge coupled with convenience. In the year 2017 digital platforms will be focused towards creating a virtual experience for their users. Digital experiences will be considered essential and at par with \'real world experiences\'.

Digital platforms with a user-friendly and clutter free UX that are of value to the users, will successfully drive engagement and lead to a greater conversion, through personalized and relevant mobile marketing using push notifications, reminders, and updates when users have their intent fueled mobile moments. A tech-fueled trend usually backs changes in a digital platform. The success of this \'Virtual Experience Economy\' has its roots in analyzing user behavior within a digital platform. The year 2017 will see digital platforms cashing on the latest trend of Virtual Experience Economy. The user mindset will gradually advance from digital towards virtual experience. The Indian population consists of 800 million non-English speaking literate Indians; they form more than 10 percent of the global population. There is only 0.02 percent of relevant content available for them over the web. E-tailers like Snapdeal and Shopclues have already launched a regional version of their sites. Non-English speaking users will prefer those digital platforms that offer them relevant content in the language of their choice.

The recent move of demonetization of currency and the cash crunch induced has lead people to install and actively use mobile wallets on a regular basis. Small vendors and retails are now accepting payments through these wallets to avoid losing business due to currency problems. The year 2017 will see some users using mobile wallets to make and receive payments. Social media will continue to be an influence even in 2017. User\'s flock various social media channels and now marketers will use these social channels not only to create awareness but also drive downloads, engagement, and aid conversion. Many social platforms have started using search behaviors syncing what users are looking for in Google and applying it on their platforms. This will remind users what they were looking for even if they are not in their mobile moment.

Users are now gradually getting accustomed to personalizing UX. The coming year will notice that users will prefer those digital platforms that are more intuitive to their needs than those that aren\'t Algorithmic-based personalization is being perfected with the help of technology now, this will help bridge the gap between consumer expectations and deliverance. Users will now get to see only those things that they find relevant based upon their profile and history. Businesses need to focus on keeping their apps crisp and simple, to treat users to a quick, easy and to-the-point buying experience, a positive consumer experience that drives frequent usage, thus aiding user retention. Retention, engagement, and conversion will get priority over no. of installs in 2017. Data metrics will play a pivotal role marketing products and services to the right demographic, thus reinforcing engagement, retention, and conversion. The year 2017 will be marked as a year of personalized intelligent data user-centric marketing derived through analytical expertise.