EPAM Systems: Transforming Businesses through the Art of Digitization

Date:   Tuesday , January 24, 2017

EPAM, founded in 1993, started as a partner to some of the largest software companies in the world and, over the course of the next sixteen years, expanded its offering well beyond core software engineering. In 2012, the company took the next step in its growth journey by becoming a public company on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Indian-based Alliance Global Services (AGS), acquired last year by EPAM, was founded in 1994 on very similar principles. The focus for AGS was to build a typical Indian organization that focused on software engineering and quality, rather than on pure outsourcing of low-complexity technical or BPO tasks.

EPAM chose AGS because the culture of product engineering and product management was so closely attuned to EPAM\'s vision and values. Arkadiy Dobkin, CEO & Co-Founder, Epam Systems, said, \"Our entry into India last year, though our acquisition of Alliance Global Services,is an important part of our global strategy. India isn\'t just a delivery location for us - it\'s an opportunity to bring multidisciplinary, hybrid teams, with the best skills and capabilities, to work in close collaboration with our clients to help them transform their digital offerings and business models. We were fortunate to find a company whose culture and emphasis on software engineering so closely mirrored our own.\"

Backed with over two decades of superior engineering skills, EPAM\'s focus has always been on providing new, c solutions for their clients that meet specific business needs. \"When organizations need a system or product that they can\'t buy off the shelf; we come in and build an entirely new system from the ground up. Being a global solutions company, we can take very complex and increasingly digital business challenges and address them end-to-end for our clients - bringing in key skills and capabilities regardless of where they may reside in the world\", he says.
What makes EPAM stand out in the crowd is their ability to understand the entire business of the customers and apply that knowledge to build the right teams to deliver the most effective results. \"It is an evolution in the industry for Product Development Services (PDS) to Digital Platform Engineering Services (DPES). Think of it as \'digital orchestration\' - with our deep software engineering skills, we have all of the competencies of a traditional service provider,so we can combine core product development and integration capabilities with our added skills of business consulting, experience strategy and design thinking - it\'s those hybrid skills that help us take ownership across the entire product and platform development life cycle and provide solutions to very complex problems\", he adds.

Engineering is in Our DNA!!

True to its brand persona, EPAM partners with customers to help them select, build and integrate the right technology to meet their business objectives. The company is increasingly focused on solutions for digital business and believes that without the deep engineering capability, no sizable digital transformation can be achieved. EPAM\'s solutions are majorly focused on driving digital business transformation - product development services, software engineering and platform engineering, and QA & test automation. The other solutions include enterprise architecture and integration data platforms, data intelligence, cloud management, solution architecture, business analysis, embedded and IoT, agile, assurance, digital engagement strategy, experience, marketing and analytics, mobility and eCommerce.

EPAM caters these solutions to industries such as Financial Services, Travel & Hospitality, Software and Hi-Tech, Retail & Distribution, Media and Entertainment and Life Sciences and Healthcare. \"Our target customers are all companies adding new, complex digital services and who are looking to significantly reduce or eliminate their reliance on legacy systems.We have the experience needed to help companies decide which emerging areas, such as IoT, virtual and augmented reality and smart software components and platforms, make the most sense for their respective business and turn them into revenue opportunities,\" he further adds.
One of EPAM\'s strongest growth engines has been the reputation it has earned with existing clients, leading to direct references, as well as a high degree of trust and confidence in relationships that, in some cases, span decades. New customers also benefit from this level of reputational integrity.

Standing Strong

With over 22,000 employees worldwide, EPAM operates as a global team of \'technologist and thinkers\', helping to transform the world through the power of software. The company tries to keep a \'start-up\' mentality,which increases their ability to stay innovative. In the future, EPAM envisions continuing its growth by investing in highly-skilled talent with the hybrid skills necessary to deliver the most innovative solutions to their customers.\"In order to enable that growth, we need to engage in new geographies, create new service lines, and build new capabilities. India is a combination of all of those and a real component of that strategy\", Arkadiy concludes.

Key Management:

Arkadiy Dobkin, CEO & Co-Founder

Dobkin began his career in Minsk, Belarus, where after working for several years as a programmer for a large government run enterprise he started his first private software company. After immigrating to the United States in 1991, he held technical and leadership positions in Prudential Insurance, Colgate-Palmolive and SAP Labs before focusing his full-time attention on developing EPAM into the company it is today.


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