Adding Security to an Evolving Enterprise

Date:   Wednesday , August 28, 2013

Founded in 1996, WatchGuard builds unified threat management (UTM) solutions that combine firewall, VPN and security services to protect networks and the businesses they power. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with offices throughout the world.

In today’s age of rapidly expanding commercial and government computer networks and emerging Internet economy data and transaction security is of paramount importance. The inherent challenges of security have become a top priority in every company that makes use of information technology.

Enterprise security is estimated to be one of the fastest growing markets globally. Analysts expect the security market to grow to 3.3 billion by 2017, which goes on to show the overall potential of the industry. There are some markets like the U.S. where the market opportunity in enterprise threat management is growing in multiple digits. Success in any country is proportionate to the market opportunity in that space. Considering that fact the Indian market is on the upswing in terms of growth opportunities. The growth rate of enterprise threat management in India is greater than that of the U.S.

Threats Shaping the Security Industry
Today, we have more awareness of threats in general and the implications of the threats as compared to what we had four or five years ago. The reason behind this change is over 200 thousand new cyber attacks take place every day in the enterprises. Technology needs to evolve beyond the signature base and move towards a more repetition enabled cloud based protection. Similarly, application control provides a dynamic ability to control new emerging threats; pace of the security alone is quite significant.

The major concern in the threat environment is in the form of web and the applications that continue to be the biggest area of concern. To address those needs we have different products, like repetition enabled defense to leverage the several implementations that provides real time protection for the customers.

Industry analysts predict that threats in security are going to force the cost of enterprises to go up by nine percent per year over the next few years. Whereas, enterprise threat management helps you to reduce overall costs by 15 percent. These are the areas which may have been managed by different platforms. So, there is no conjunction, not only from the security perspective but from IT perspective, and there exists a great need to consolidate all the processes on one platform. It also enables less people to do more work in terms of security management.

Addressing the needs of the Enterprise

Threats are evolving; intruders and malicious networks are changing their approach. The entire process has become more convoluted and more instances of security breaches are reported in the industry today.

In a recent research conducted by WatchGuard, 65 percent of companies did not have a Data Loss Prevention solution in place, despite the potential for organizations to be penalized millions of dollars for losing sensitive data. There needs a management policy for security. It is of paramount importance that the security architecture is in place so that there are fewer breaches in the network. Through our customer study we have found that most customers require assistance with handling and maintenance of security unless they have a solid grip on how to configure and utilize the tool in an effective manner.

Driving Innovation within the Company

WatchGuard has a unique and powerful approach to the security market. It has a proxy based platform which provides a host of different services. It allows us to pursue the motive of providing highest in-depth marketing. The proxy technology allows us to have all the services for UTM (Unified Threat Management) deployment. For example there are competitive firewalls that provide huge performance boost but our services are truly optimized to provide the best security.

Road Map Ahead

At WatchGuard we have the ability to make significant changes on behalf of our customers in terms of increasing their awareness. We are in a multi-billion dollar market and as a company we not only want to retain our market share, as we are a market leader in the mid-market space, but we intend to grow even further. An integral part of our strategy is that as we are serving our core markets well, we will continue to do so and we also want to serve the emerging markets like India, and with our help they too can benefit from the powers of UTM.