QAAgility Technologies: Top the Business Game with Pioneers in Innovative Agile Testing

Date:   Monday , July 20, 2015

If you are an e-Commerce freak and had witnessed the Flipkart \'Big Billion Day\' fiasco last year that pulled down your dreams to own best brands at the highest discounted prices, you also must be aware that the root cause of that failure was a very small, but an essential component of a software lifecycle called \'Software Testing & QA\'. While many companies learned their lessons here, few are learning them the other way round. With this generation of enterprises going gaga over launching their product fastest, they sometime overlook the whole bible of software testing & quality analysis. To help such organizations glitter soon with reduced time to market, QAAgility emerges as the perfect partner to blend with.

Filling Life to Ideas with a Touch of Innovation & Passion

Debuted in 2008, QAAgility � a global IT services company � got its business off the ground with its three mantra\'s � bringing agility & quality in testing using innovation & automation, optimizing the testing efforts across the entire lifecycle of software development, and keeping pace with the fast moving business requirements & reducing time-to-market. Six years down the lane since inception, the enterprise elbowed out as pioneers in agile testing realm with BOT model � for building, operating & transferring entire centre of excellence (CoE) and BDTM (business-driven testing model) � to increase the overall RoI by reducing cost & test cycle time. They are able to do this using a unique Script less, self learning and an intelligent test automation framework in mobility. Open source test automation tools & technologies like Selenium, Appium, JMeter, Testing Big Data including implementation of Hadoop & MapReduce, counts among the firm\'s greatest work.

QAAgility is one of the few in the industry who has forte in conducting events such as ATA Global Gatherings (Agile Testing Global Conference) and BugATAhon(Crowd Testing Event). QAAgility has helped organize BugATAhon across nine cities in India and five cities globally. Authoring multiple books on selenium, and co-authoring agile testing certification programs on agile testing, selenium automation testing, mobile testing & mobile automation has also brought huge recognition and accolade to the company. QAAgility directors are are founding members of agile testing alliance, a global non-profit agile testing organization.

�The growing need of new features and worldwide acceptance of agile and agility-driven development models like Scrum & Kanban have opened the doors for us to help businesses, right from conceptualization level to implementing any end games. We specialize in developing testing strategies and to implementing cutting-edge tools for new age development areas without reducing the effectiveness,� says Aditya Garg, Director, QAAgility Technologies.

Stumbling Stones Made Stepping Stones

Akin to startups in every vertical, QAAgility too faced the crunches of being small and hiring the right talent. With a strong belief that being small has its own bliss, the company was able to establish successful case studies. Dedication, commitment and customer-centric traits also gave QAAgility the much needed push to stand a cut above the rest. Word of mouth references and repeat orders became the driving factors for its rising business accounts. The recent launch of FS-GNAT (Finishing School for Generation Next Agile Technologists) helped the newbie job seekers to become generation-next agile technologists, thus solving company\'s problem of recruiting freshers.

Innovation-Driven Work Milieu

With an open and innovation-driven work milieu, QAAgility maintains a healthy balance between experienced and fresh talent. To keep them in tune with the upcoming technologies, the enterprise provides regular in-house trainings, while also encourages them to take various certification programs in agile and mobile testing like CP-MAT, CP-SAT and CP-M-AAT. Forging ahead with other plans in pipeline, QAAgility envisions turning into a globally recognized testing organization in next 2-3 years.