Napier Healthcare: Constantly Comparing Policies against Market to Offer Competitive Salary & Benefit Packages

Date:   Friday , June 26, 2015

Since its inception in 1996, Napier Healthcare has metamorphosed from being a regional healthcare IT company to being a global provider of integrated ICT solutions for the entire healthcare delivery ecosystem. The Singapore headquartered company offers specialized business-technology consulting, integration services, custom software development, systems implementation and support services for healthcare organizations. Napier\'s current stable of products include certified hospital information systems, mobile healthcare solutions, a comprehensive Nursing Home Solution, a patient referral management system for physicians and health networks called Napier Loop, and the myCare set of tele-health solutions.

Secret to Impressive Retention Rate

When asked how Napier has been able to retain 20 percent of its employees for over seven years and a remarkable few since inception, Lakshmipathi Itha, HR-Director, Napier Healthcare lists out, \"Our competitive status in the healthcare technology market, the flexible working hours, employee-friendly HR policies, valuable benefits like health insurance coverage for employees and their dependants, being empowered to think out-of-the-box & take calculated risks are some of the miracle makers\". Apart from this, the company offers several opportunities to learn and solve problems with colleagues, partners & customers across APAC & U.S., along with the chance to work on new technologies & building future-proofed technology stacks, and freedom of expression where there is often mentoring by senior staff who urge their juniors to assume ownership and responsibility for the organization\'s growth are what drive the Napierians (employees).

Opportunities to Learn & Grow at Every Turn

Napier identifies, promotes and provides performance incentives to high performers during standard midterm and annual performance reviews with comprehensive face-to-face sessions. However, the company believes the factors that have significantly upped the productivity and work satisfaction are its flexible working hours & selective work-from-home policies apart from internal job transfer programs that facilitate people to choose multiple career paths. The company that is currently looking for experienced professionals regularly conducts many training sessions to upskill employees in the latest technologies and processes of the industry as well as to polish their soft skills, not to mention the knowledge sharing sessions between departments (often hosted by CEO).

Fruitful Initiatives, Programs & Committees

Napier\'s flat reporting hierarchical structure encourages open discussion across all levels through diverse communication channels including Microsoft Lync, Skype and the Napier Healthcare Yammer network. The revenue focused company that takes immense pride in its work always endeavors to embody the qualities of honesty, integrity and transparency - and most importantly respect. Napier undertakes several CSR initiatives (flexi work life to young mothers & jobs to economically-challenged youngsters) and programs akin to Young Leaders Program (improving diversity by recruiting and grooming management trainees) & Formal Succession Planning programs (identifying & grooming second & third level of leadership talents within Napier). While the aggressively enforced no-discrimination policy covers sexual discrimination and sexual harassment regulations, Napier\'s Sexual Harassment Prevention committee safeguards women by holding periodic awareness campaigns and providing cab facility.

Transparent, Friendly & Family-Oriented Culture

Fostering a transparent culture, the company upholds equal employment opportunity guidelines and diversity along with global exposure, while encouraging employees to maintain a proper work-life balance. Typical activities for such occasions as success milestones, religious and traditional festivities, birthdays and other happy moments in employees\' lives are celebrated over a team or office luncheon or dinner and feted with cakes and gift cards. Napier\'s HR constantly seeks to craft and roll out the perfect blend of policies, initiatives and guidelines by conducting regular employee satisfaction surveys and reviews HR policies, salaries and benefits against market practices; thus responding with competitive packages.

\"Our mission in the next few years is to enable the extension of healthcare delivery beyond the four walls of a medical facility, regardless of geography and economy through our highly cost-efficient technologies like Xtend Solutions portfolio that enables real-time tele-consultation and 24/7 health monitoring at home or in some remote location,\" concludes Tirupathi Karthik, CEO, Napier Healthcare.