Qubole: Indomitable Leaders of Cloud-based Analytics that Earned Simplicity & Reduced TCO as Hallmark

Date:   Wednesday , January 28, 2015

Leonardo da Vinci once said, \"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication\". It is especially true in technology space, as it requires plethora of adept engineering in backend to craft a simple and sleek end product; a rare gift not everyone is endowed with.

Qubole, a big data as service company is one such gem. Qubole provides Hadoop-as-a-Service via its Qubole Data Service (QDS) platform, a cloud computing solution that eliminates the operational challenges of running Big data Analytics to make it accessible, easy, fast, and inexpensive. The company has optimized the big data stack to work well on public cloud and has built a distinguished Hadoop offering that auto scales with customer workloads and ensures tremendous cost savings. Being on the cloud, it not only saves the human capital cost that is required to assemble analytics infrastructure and more importantly saves cost on hardware by taking advantage of the elasticity that the cloud offers. Qubole democratizes access to data within an organization and empowers both developers and non-developers, e.g. data analysts, to learn actionable insights from massive data sets.

Team of illustrious experts

Ashish Thusoo and Joydeep Sen Sarma founded Qubole in 2011, the initial authors of Apache Hive that bought democratized the power of Hadoop by bringing it to SQL users. Ashish and Joydeep had bootstrapped Hadoop inside Silicon Valley powerhouse Facebook. The internal big-data service that they built and managed ended up with Petabytes of data and hundreds of users. Their pedigree helped them acquire their initial set of customers and continues to help customer acquisition. Having professionals like Marcy Campbell (SVP & WW Sales Head), the former SVP- Sales of Engine Yard, a company that pioneered SaaS and Shrikanth Shankar (VP-Engineering), one of the leaders of Oracle Exalytics effort, on board added to their credibility in this space.

Unique Music in Today\'s Noisy Market

Big Data and the Cloud are both new technology areas. Moreover, the multitude of offerings and buzz- words in this market increases confusion and delays customer adoption. Selling to traditional enterprises in such a market can be quite challenging for a startup like Qubole. Qubole is actively investing in expanding its sales & marketing teams along with expanding its partner footprint across the globe. The company has seen great success in key verticals like Ad-tech, Digital marketing, Social Media & has an impressive list of customers across these verticals. Promoting customer success has been very critical to acquiring new customers across the world & the fact key customers like Pinterest & Media Match have blogged & talked about success with Qubole further helps in customer acquisition. The founders are also well sought after speakers at various technology events across the globe, enhancing credibility & visibility to Brand Qubole.

Working at Qubole

The organization borrowed its work culture from Facebook and other modern Silicon Valley companies. In a relatively flat and non-bureaucratic environment, people cluster around projects and mostly work in small dynamic teams. Qubole prefers multitasking and expects Qubolers to feel responsible for every aspect of the product. The company founders abhor an entitlement system that discriminates people based on age or experience. Instead the opportunity to build impactful software and solve challenges is open to anyone and employees are rewarded for their contributions. Despite being a lean company with about 50 employees Qubole has generated a lot of interest in the market for talented engineers. It believes that the goodwill in it\'s own employee base is part of the reason. In addition - the company has acquired a strong reputation in college campuses by providing internship opportunities and frequently receives off-campus requests for placements. Qubole also participates in panels, tech meetups and entrepreneurial societies, where young aspiring students and engineers actively partake.

Qubole is investing in scaling up and developing product functionality, as well as in operations, support and solutions, to keep apace with their rapidly growing customer base and to maintain their reliability and performance at ever increasing scale. Building a strong product management team is another focus to allow Qubole to scale up discovery process for building next generation products and keep evolving current generation products.

Qubole\'s sales team has recently expanded and acquired a critical mass that allows them to pitch to larger enterprises. The company has recently signed up its first Japanese customer and is spreading its wings across U.S., India, Europe, China and Australia.


Key Management

Ashish Thusoo, Co-Founder & CEO

While spearheading Facebook\'s Data Infrastructure team, Ashish drove the Big Data revolution by building one of world\'s largest data processing & analytics platform; the by-products of which are used by industry worldwide.

Joydeep Sen Sarma, Co-Founder & Head, Qubole India

Aside from bootstrapping the Hadoop-based data processing ecosystem in Facebook and starting the Apache Hive project Joydeep served as a technical expert for the transactional and reporting backend of Facebook payments systems and its Messaging backend built around Apache HBase..


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