NIKSUN: Leading the Way with Ground-breaking Innovations

Date:   Wednesday , October 08, 2014

The technological environment in which people and businesses operate in has shifted dramatically. Big Data is used by individuals and networks alike from various devices over a vast array of servers. This generated Big Data can be used from devices to provide insight into security and network issues. Sent into a set of servers through Cloud Computing, Big Data can be leveraged to achieve automation for both security and network performance. Likewise, in this evolving technical climate, the Internet of Things (IoT) has undeniably become a mode of communication that reduces costs by joining together billions of devices on the Internet.

However, the increasing connectivity between people, businesses and networks leads to a dramatic rise in security and performance related issues. This can be combatted by purchasing separate solutions for Big Data, Cloud Computing and the IoT. Yet, not only dosuch separate solutions carry the risk of not working compatibly, they also drive up business costs. NIKSUN is revolutionizing the networking industry by integrating Big Data, Cloud Computing and the IoT into one single solution.

Alpine 4.5

NIKSUN\'s Alpine 4.5 Release supports the latest Big Data solutions going into a 100+ GB networks while also having the capability to run in virtual environments, thus scaling for Cloud solutions. Alpine 4.5 has the optimization to handle the typical signature of the IoT; short, but many transactions.
While providing insight into these tiered applications is necessary, NIKSUN recognizes that this is not enough for the networks of today and tomorrow. Alpine 4.5 addresses cyber security risks and analyzes the performance and underlying infrastructure of critical business services.Businesses are now relying on the frontiers of Big Data, Cloud Computing and the IoT, despite their different needs and requirements of information and intelligence. Those that are already using NIKSUN\'s solutions have the added benefit of reducing employee training and manpower, therefore freeing personnel to devote their time to other corporate-focused tasks.

NIKSUN, who has been trailblazing the cyber security and performance industry since its start in 1997, proves once again that it is ready for the networks of the present and future. Alpine 4.5, which was crafted by one of the leading innovators in the cyber security field, Dr. Parag Pruthi, delivers robust real-time visibility into networked, virtualized, cloud and hybrid environments. NIKSUN\'s product line is designed to proactively safeguard network environments. NIKSUN\'s NetVCR product family enables networks to reach maximum performance, the NetDetector family combats cyber crime, and NetMobility monitors performance and security in next-generation mobile networks.

No stranger to the cyber performance and security industry, NIKSUN has impressed countless government agencies with its cost-efficient and transparent implementation of products and solutions. In the recent past, NIKSUN\'s solutions instantly uncovered all aspects of an attack that involved the FBI, for a large financial institution that was under a major cyber attack.

At the heart of Big Data, Cloud Computing and the IoT are global service providers. Due to this standing, global service providers are some of NIKSUN\'s largest clients, quickly followed by enterprise cloud retailers, healthcare organizations, defense and intelligence communities, and major financial institutions.

Research & Development

A significant portion of automation takes place in industrial applications that are based on the data being continuously provided from a variety of remote machines. To not only ensure security, but the integrity of a business, it is crucial now more than ever to monitor the information flow and communication that navigates to and from these devices. However, the short duration of machine-to-machine (M2M) communication results in large volumes of data in the format of very short messages. This interrupts the central processing unit (CPU) quickly, and quite often.

NIKSUN\'s research and development (R&D) is building technologies that can handle the overloading workloads of the IoT. \"We are working on security and regulation of information flow that is more optimal for the network infrastructure. As there is a distributed set of the IoT sending information into the Cloud, Cloud Networking should also be monitored to verify whether the communication from and to the IoT is not bottlenecked or altered,\" says Dr. Parag Pruthi, Founder, Chairman & CEO, NIKSUN.\"Hence, we endeavor to create virtualized solutions that can be deployed in the data center, along with the R&D on monitoring and securing IoT devices.\"

NIKSUN continues to grow at a very steady pace, with a projected growth plan of 30 to 40 percent for the coming year. As the business, headquartered in Princeton, NJ, continues to grow at both the top and the bottom line, NIKSUN is expanding its personnel. Currently, the company caters to over 1,000 enterprise customers throughout more than 30 countries. NIKSUN plans to deepen its roots with its growing success in North America, India, Europe and the Middle East. With its growth and revolutionary Alpine 4.5 Release, NIKSUN is quickly becoming the cyber security and performance industry sky scraper in the world of Big Data, Cloud Computing and the IoT.



Dr. Parag Pruthi, Founder, Chairman & CEO

Dr. Pruthi is renowned as the founding father of technologies such as packet capture, stream-to-disk and bit vacuum. He is also responsible for the legendary NetVCR that debuted in the market in 1997. Similarly, his ground-breaking invention, NetDetector, led to the creation and growth of the network forensics field.
Offices: Princeton, New Jersey, U.S. (HQ), Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific.
Products: Alpine 4.5, NetDetector, NetVCR and NetMobility among many others.


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2. Awarded Best Companies to Work For by siliconindia
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5. InfoSecurity Products Guide Global Excellence Award Winner