Value Prospect Consulting: The Emerging Star in Market Intelligence & Digital Marketing

Date:   Thursday , January 08, 2015

Steve Jobs once said, \"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do\". Believing these words, Abhishek Tyagi founded his dream company Value Prospect Consulting in 2011. The company has today emerged as one of the fastest growing organization providing Market Intelligence, Database Marketing solutions and Direct Marketing services.

Headquartered in Ghaziabad, Value Prospect kicked off its journey with a team of four and today the company has a family of over 100 members serving more than 300 global brands. Value Prospect has carved a niche for itself in offering database solutions (Management, Updating, Validation & Development), Opportunity Tracking, Market Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence among others. In the journey so far, the company got itself dual ISO Certified – ISP 9001:2008 (QMS) and 27001:2005 (ISMS).

It is not a child\'s play to reach a million dollar mark within three years of operation. But Value Prospect not only crossed this mark, but is also expanding overseas in terms of physical presence. \"The key factor to our growth is that \'We Love What We Do\'. Our passion is to make a practical difference to the lives of our clients and their customers. We immerse ourselves in the ways our clients and their industries function. Our clients trust us to challenge their thinking, stretch their imagination and deliver solutions in the best interests of their brands and business. Our expert team draws from the latest thought leadership in business, technology, psychology and cultural anthropology to empathies and connects with the customers,\" says Abhishek Tyagi, CEO, Value Prospect Consulting.

The well versed team understands the level of authority and the kind of contract required for the campaign to be a success. It keeps the clients in loop during the whole process, thus providing tailor made solutions as per their needs which have indeed created several success stories. Owing to these successes and the growth the company is garnering, Value Prospect has been recognized by several media houses amongst most promising Business Analytics Firms, Consulting Firms and Market Intelligence Firms.

The Exemplifier

Today, Value Prospect exemplifies success. The company\'s expertise is born from the experience and insight of working at the client-side and as a strategic partner for major brands. Delivery channels have changed, technology is changing behaviors and data is expanding the possibilities of marketing. \"How we engage today\'s audiences requires a different approach. We are a pioneer in marketing analytics with key expertise on data led marketing, CRM Analytics & Competition Tracking in Asia and are perfectly positioned in this domain to provide the marketers with information-led marketing services,\" adds Abhishek. Value Prospect\'s multitude of products and services offer widest variety of integrated, multichannel, data driven solutions for top brands around the globe including Adobe, HP, Airtel, Tata Tele Limited, Kaspersky, Websense, Ramco Systems and VmWare amongst others.

The company understands the criticality and importance of creating new resources and capabilities in response to the rapidly changing market conditions, thus pays a special attention towards developing existing capabilities and creating new ones in order to sustain a competitive advantage for both distinctive capabilities and reproducible capabilities while also ensuring its unique combination to achieve synergy. As a source of competitive advantage, Value Prospect invests significantly in Infrastructure, Physical Infrastructure, IT Infrastructure, Human Infrastructure – People, and Quality of Products and Services provided to customers among others. Today, the company proudly maintains one of the largest B2B and B2C data repositories across the country. It can easily sync clients\' ongoing BTL (Below the Line) activities in real time.

Value Prospect does not believe in providing estimates, thus its team of experienced professionals transform enormous amounts of data to decision ready insights. It helps clients not only achieve but even surpass their desired RoI. \"Our multi-disciplinary team has the portfolio to match the services we offer. We have years of deep experience that runs the spectrum of Research, Lead Generation and Creative Marketing work. Without such a team, it would have been unfeasible to attain this growth,\" says a proud Abhishek.

Value Prospect is quite choosey when it comes to hiring and picks people who are smart & determined, and favors passion & love towards work over experience. The open work environment within the organization helps each employee blossom and be one of the hands-on contributor whilst feeling comfortable sharing ideas and opinions with peers.

The Road Ahead

While the company has grown profoundly over the years; global penetration, managing liquidity and to rapidly grow and change the data driven informatics are still the major challenges for the company. And Abhishek is always on his feet to run the marathon and emerge as the winner. On one hand, his legal team is getting the company registered overseas and helping Value Prospect acquire foreign based agencies, on the other, hiring data scientists and subject matter experts is on the rise. Value Prospect has already instigated multiple different domains of business under its umbrella –,, PIAFH and Orange Funds – few of which are under round one fund evaluation.

With India entering into newer collaborations with various countries in the world and several big players showing interest in entering the Indian market; Value Prospect believes that its future is bright in this fast growing market. The company envisages expanding its workforce to 800+ employees by 2016 and 350+ across other five continents in the coming days.