Subex: Empowering Telecoms to Tackle Volatile Business & Operational Challenges

Date:   Sunday , January 29, 2017

In an era of intensifying competition, demanding customers, shrinking margins and near-flat top lines, it’s becoming very exigent for telecom companies to manage Business Support Systems (BSS) effectively. According to a survey, telecom operators indicated that they could be wasting up to $65 billion/year in network CAPEX with KPMG reporting up to 10 percent of loss in 20 percent of telecom operators through revenue leakages. With the intent to counter these challenges and to help telecom companies meet ever changing business demands, Subex Limited (BSE: 532348, NSE: SUBEX) was founded in Bengaluru. The company empowers communication service providers (CSPs) globally to achieve competitive advantage with comprehensive Business & Operation Support Systems (B/OSS).

Proactive Solutions

Subex’s products and services address end-to-end deficits of telecom sector including Revenue Assurance, Asset Assurance, Cost Management, Partner Settlement, Route Optimisation, Data Discovery and Reconciliation solutions. Today, Subex is embracing a digital strategy across its entire core portfolio, as gaps in adapting to digital transformation are now becoming increasingly prevalent and problematic in the new Digital Services Lifestyles being promoted by operators worldwide.

“The industry as we know it is undergoing a dynamic change, with digital transformation being on the forefront. With telecom operators looking to embrace the digital transformation, we help them provide the right solutions to their business problems. We are driving digital transformation for our customers by enabling their monetization initiatives vide managing their new partner ecosystem, addressing a broad range of digital risks and further identifying opportunities, threats and weak signals through advanced analytics”, asserts Vinod Kumar, COO, Subex.

For the changing landscape, Subex has expanded on its product portfolio with ROC Insights & Subex Secure. ROC Insights, a next generation Analytics-as-a-Service solution provides CSPs with a unique approach to solving the problem with data growth. On the other hand, Subex Secure is an IoT security solution which focuses on ensuring cyber resilience i.e. the ability to identify, protect, monitor, respond and recover from IoT attacks.

The company’s exclusively designed Managed Service Program adds strategic as well as tactical value to CSP’s operation and enhances operational efficiency and service agility through exceptional consumer experience. For instance, a North American operator was finding it effortful to manage their assets efficiently. When they approached Subex, the team of asset assurance experts conducted survey of client’s asset, uncovered the unused equipment and allotted them back to use, and in that process saved $200 million for the client.

Sprinting Ahead

For its outstanding contribution to the telecom industry, Subex has received numerous awards and recognitions including the prestigious Pipeline Innovation and Carriers World awards. The company successfully delivers its services to 3/4th of the world’s largest telecoms managing almost 50 billion transactions per day. Subex is already executing and improving big data stacks and it’s further focusing on improving its expertise over IoT and Advanced Analytics.

Key Management:

Surjeet Singh, CEO

Surjeet is a seasoned management professional and business leader with over two decades of multi-industry global experience in leading Finance, Corporate Development, and Business Planning and Global operations functions.

Vinod Kumar, COO

Vinod has rich experience in telecom, sales, marketing and product management. Previously he handled role of President and Senior VP at Subex and was directly responsible for world-wide revenue generation.

Office: India, U.S., UK, Dubai, Singapore

Offerings: Telecom software products, Fraud Management, Revenue Assurance, Cost Management, Interconnect Billing, Credit Risk Management, Business Optimisation, Capacity Management, Data Integrity Management, Analytics, Managed Services, Asset Lifecycle Management

Clients: Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Aircel, Reliance JIO, Reliance Infocom, Vodafone, ATNT, British Telecom and many more