NovelVox: Equipping the Contact Center Industry with Unmatched Perfection

Date:   Thursday , January 08, 2015

Before NovelVox, unified communication solutions for the contact center industry solved business requirements at a single point in time. Solutions had no room to grow and adapt to the changing market conditions demanded by customers. NovelVox thought this was wrong.

NovelVox\'s flagship desktop unified communications product iAgent Designer emerged as the game changer. It not only creates the solution the customer requires, but also has the ability to grow the solution to match future changing market conditions and customer expectations. This is done by extending the current functionality of the solution by using iAgent\'s unique drag and drop designer that is easy to use and requires no coding, thus satisfying the business requirement without any further additional expenditure.

This is just one of the magical potions of NovelVox. The company has several such solutions in their magical box for the contact center industry that provides the flexibility to clients to adapt their solutions to their constantly changing business without any additional development costs whilst protecting their initial investment. This has helped the company grow year-on-year and its software development team has increased by over 500 percent today and is still growing rapidly. With its headquarters in Haryana, NovelVox has been providing contact center software solutions to prominent names in the BFSI, telecom, IT and government sectors since 2009. Today, the company has grown leaps and bounds and is well positioned in the contact center industry and is known for its innovative software development act offering high value with flexibility combined with exceptional customer services and satisfaction. \"We create software solutions to help our clients engage with their customers better and equally importantly, we save them money,\" says Amit Kumar Gandhi, India Head, NovelVox.

Every unified communications and contact center technology offered by NovelVox is an inexorable effort by the company that has taken shape only after meticulously working with the demanding customer base. NovelVox products helps customer service representatives to succeed, it empowers supervisors to meet contact center performance metrics with real time views of CSR activities and provide transformational management insights through multiple views of current contact center activity among others.

The Unmatched Expertise

In a short journey of six years, the company has expanded organically and now has offices in London which plays a pivotal role in attracting a global audience. NovelVox has invested heavily in building strong relationships with its technology vendors to understand technology changes often months before they are made public. This allows the company\'s products to be 100 percent compatible with existing and future hardware and provides clients with cutting-edge software solutions.

While other providers work as another run-of-the-mill solution provider, NovelVox takes the creative approach. Many of its engineers and project leaders are often on client site engaged to understand the needs and requirements of the customers. \"We fully engage with our clients to offer expertise and ensure all our solutions match their business requirements and expectations. We treat our clients as partners, aiming to build trustworthy relationships for successful long term engagement,\" adds Amit.

Today, the company has improved dedicated business functions including sales, marketing and HR to match their unrivaled technology expertise within the industry. Built around its pool of talent and technological expertise, NovelVox is an employee-centered organization who believes that these employees play a pivotal role in the growth of the company. Their flair of extraordinary ideas and customer engagement equips them to develop solutions that is out of this league which are closely connected with customers. All employees are kept in the loop with any major business decisions and are motivated through generous reward schemes.

NovelVox ensures that all the employee\'s needs are fully catered to, including up-to-date training and excellent employee welfare. NovelVox has huge initiatives for keeping the environment clean and green. For instance, employees are encouraged to travel by public transportation and car-pool when possible. Not only this, the near distance employees are encouraged to cycle to work or walk.

The Visionary NovelVox

Though the company has been witnessing substantial growth since its inception, building NovelVox as an international brand is at the top of the company\'s agenda and the London office is one of the first steps towards achieving this goal. The company\'s plan to enter the U.S. market is on full swing. Its extensive R&D investment and close ties with technology vendors allows NovelVox to create world-class products which are truly innovative in design and philosophy, thus putting the company on the fast track to become one of the reputed leaders in the contact center software industry. \"Our vision is to expand globally and build a brand that communicates product innovation and customer engagement. We want to do this by earning the reputation for product innovation, quality and being recognized by our peers,\" concludes Amit.