Bosco Malapatti: An Entrepreneur Who Fought All Odds to Touch the Sky

Date:   Thursday , February 02, 2017

An entrepreneur always searches for an oppurtunity in any circumstance he is thrown into, responds to it and makes it a success. Bosco Malapatti (Founder & Chairman, Atum IT Services India Pvt Ltd) is such who finds opportunity in every situation, hard work coupled with conviction and discipline, creates oppurtunities not only for himself but also for others.

For a long time, Indian IT services industry has been dominated by few big players and very few attempts have been made to disrupt the market owing to its high chances of failure. But the odds of success didn\'t dither Bosco from making an attempt to pursue something that he knew so well and felt it was time to disrupt the way things were done with a conviction to change the status quo. With a unique go to market strategy of SAP application maintenance services (AMS), Bosco ventured Atum IT in 2010 unlocking the value of SAP software and solutions. With outstanding capabilities in industrial verticals, technical strengths, flexible service delivery and usage based billing model, the company has become a strategic AMS partner for several Fortune 1000 companies worldwide.

Humble Beginnings

Born in a rural agricultural family, Bosco did his early schooling in his village School, Don Bosco High School, Pannur, in the regional lanuage. When he was in the 9th grade his father pulled him out of school to till their land with their tractor as the driver had quit. He felt he was given an important responsibility and took it up for 2 years, and tilled not just their own lands but earned extra money tilling others land as well. The tractor changed hands and he was asked to go back to school. Bosco put his heart and mind not only to his studies, but also learned to play hockey, leading the hockey teams in school and college. He defied all odds and passed out with distinction. This important characteristic of Bosco, belief in himself with discipline, perseverance, hardwork and passion has been steadfast all through his life.

He says, \"My parents both agriculturists knew only farming, but they were gracious enough to understand the importance of education and gave me freedom to follow my dreams\". Debuting in a pharmaceutical company, Bosco held significant key positions in the IT services space startring at TATA Burroughs (now TCS) and played a key role in setting up their Banglore operations and worked through the value chain at ITC Infotech, Intergraph, Birlasoft and eventually as COO for Intelligroup managing operations for India & MENA region.

Baking was a passion and destressor for Bosco, where he baked for his family and friends as a hobby. After spending 20 years in IT industry, Bosco decided to make his passion into a vocation. Bosco\'s first ever entrepreneurial venture came in the form of a bakery/continental restaurant. The bakery, Ofen, was built on a Swiss army mobile bakery wagon which he picked up during his travels. The wagon uses alternate fuel such as coal or firewood so that the army could start baking anywhere. Ofen now is process driven and is one of the hot spots for the Hyderabadi foodies.

Bosco values his family and feels blessed and very grateful to have a wife who is willing to walk the path with him and let him pursue his passions. And his children inspire him to do better every day and live the values that he would like them to follow. This he claims is the foundation and strength of his success. \"Quitting a corporate job to start on your own as a first generation entrepreneur requires 100 percent family support and I got more than that. I am successful today because of them,\" adds Bosco.

Bosco attributes the success of his long entrepreneurial journey to a disciplined life with sheer perseverance, hardwork, grabbing every opportunity that came his way and most important of all the commitment of his team and support from his family. Always being a team player, Bosco is able to build teams who are equally committed and hard working and helped to build this unique company Atum IT Services.

Being one of the early entrepreneurs from Hyderabad, Bosco feels it is his responsibility to nurture young entrpreunuers and help create a supportive eco system for them to thrive. He uses his contacts and his business wisdom to mentor budding startups in his city and looks forward to also investing in some potential startups. \"India is poised for a leap in innovative disruptive technologies as we speak. Several youngsters are coming out with brilliant ideas and products. A lot of investors are looking at these ideas to support and fund them,\" asserts Bosco and feels there is no dearth of funding for the right innovation.

Education as a Golden Door

Firm in his faith, equanimity as strength being a follower of Vipaasana meditation, Bosco believes nothing is permanent in life other than the good deeds of the man and the grace of God. \"Everything has limits; nothing is permanent, and I believe in the law of impermenancy. Being equanimous in tough as well as successful situation is the way to be, and that\'s how my entrepreneurial and personal life has been till now,\" asserts Bosco. This helps him grounded and neither success nor failure disturbs him.

Bosco believes that an all rounded education that he had, it has given him opportunities to dream big and was the wind beneath his wings of success. The background of having to depend solely on his judgement to chalk his professional path in life, made him a firm believer to let his children pursue their passion and dreams. His son just completed his undergrad in Applied Mathematics and Economics and is currently working as an analyst in the investment giant Blackrock, with polo being his passion. His daughter is pursuing her undergrad in music and psychology and wants to pursue music and education later in life.

Having always carved out goals that he wants to reach and having tred the path not taken by many, he loves exploring new places, hike and walk the untrodden path. Always a team player, he carries not just his family along but also his team at his work place on these journeys.