Startup Media: Blending Conventional & Modern Tools to Proffer M&E Services

Date:   Wednesday , August 31, 2016

A pioneer in global life style trade, Converse came up with a campaign - \'Made By You\' in 2015, amalgamating the best 23 Indian Indie artists from spheres such as music, graphic design, tattooing, photography and acting. This Converse campaign led by one of India\'s most preferred Media & Entertainment (M&E) entities - Startup Media Pvt. Ltd (SUP) leveraged online/offline platforms via its influence network eventually benefited not only Converse with six months sustained e-vibe, but also the M&E firm with a gamut of audience through limited number of posts. Today, M&E is a $1.86 trillion worth global arena which demands mint innovations and astonishing creativities rather than aggressive business blueprints. The conventional perspectives such as \'just being a channel\' for conveying the messages designed by the demand generating companies would not do much good in future. Scrutinizing this crater effectively, SUP filled its cubicles with skill oriented workforce that empowers the organization to proffer comprehensive, customizable M&E service index. \"We are musicians, illustrators, strategists, writers, designers and programmers working together to achieve client objectives with creative strategies. It makes the whole approach quite interesting and passion driven. Research and planning are very important to us,\" asserts Mayank Dhasmana, Managing Director, Startup Media.

The Work Milieu

The organization is well aware of the reality that technology is the only solid-future and thus it deployed all the probable automation tools for analytics and response management which maintains the minimal operational margins, thus offering competitive pricing for its customer ecosystem. This tech-allured, skill-based and process driven work milieu empowers the organization to progress with a magnetic core. The work engine driven by customer satisfaction allows the client\'s perceptions to co-create consumer centric strategies, which is powered by a strong strategic team that on-boards processes such as the Golden Circle of Communication by Simon Sinek and RACE. \"Our Chief Strategy Consultant Kartik comes with a decade plus experience and he adopts rich methodologies such as ethnography to understand the exact customer pain point,\" adds Mayank. The tailor made strategies of the entity ensure long term advocacies from its customers. No wonder SUP\'s clientele is gifted with popular brands such as Converse, Pantaloons, Vero Moda, Jack & Jones, National Geographic Traveller and Lee Cooper. Working with diverse clientele further pushes SUP to come up with fresh innovations.

The Journey So Far

The organization that kick-started its journey from Pune in 2009 today offers integrated marketing solutions in four major categories: Digital Marketing, Website Development, Branding & Design, and Audio Visual services. The cutting-edge Audio Visual services of the company include Space design, 3d Mapping, motion graphics and Video Editing.

The company strictly follows all the M&E regulations of our country and thus possesses a working model transparent enough to reveal the clients how much profit it is making on a project. \"Every process is backed up by tried and tested business analytical platforms to ensure a win win situation for both clients and us,\" concludes Mayank. SUP envisions itself as a global agency within next three years. In order to achieve this target, the company has commenced working with some international clients as well. The blueprint is visibly structured with smaller milestones with a steady pace.