Findability Sciences: Data Driven Software Solutions

Date:   Tuesday , June 09, 2015

With the explosive use of social media and mobile, critical business information is spread across the systems, mostly outside of the corporate firewall. Irrespective of their size, organizations today face the challenge to identify the right information across the systems, collating them in cost-effective way and run deep analytics to find the insights for engaging and serving customers better.

Findability Sciences was founded in 2010 with a vision to help organizations to meet new challenges. Company has developed Findability Platform� � a robust, scalable and multi-module big data platform using IBM Biginsights and IBM Watson Explorer. Findability Platform� has unique ability to connect internal and external social data and understand both structured and unstructured content equally. With this, Findability Platform identifies \'Digital Body Language\' for individuals and their Influential Score. With social media analytics, Findability Platform identifies the \'Brand Karma\' and provides actionable data to improve brand reputation. With text and predictive analytics, Findability Platform can predict customer behavior and identifies the potential customer at risk or defaulters. Further using cognitive capability of IBM Watson�, Findability Platform identifies customer persona which is helping organizations to offer solutions that cater to their customer\'s need and values.

\"Findability Platform is industry agnostic and can be deployed for any data centric operations. Its inbuilt algorithms provide actionable insights. This helps our customer to start utilizing the data effectively and get return on investments. We are working with IIT Mumbai in helping them connect with their alumni,\" says Sumit Agrawal, Vice President, Findability Sciences, while highlighting key benefits of the platform.

Offered as in-premise or on cloud, Findability Platform is the most advanced big data solution available today as Software as a Service (SaaS). \"Utilizing the power of cloud, our platform is a powerful system of insights,\" adds Padma Krishnamoorthy, Managing Director, Findability Sciences, who oversees company\'s India Operations.

Leading Cognitive Solution Provider

Findability Sciences is a leading IBM Watson partner and has developed solutions using Watson. Impact Measurement and Analysis, a solution powered by IBM Watson, is helping organizations measure the impact of their social investments. Another solution, Dapprdoo is human centric technology for retailers to solve fashion and dressing related dilemmas of its customers. \"We aim to democratize the knowledge of fashion using the cognitive power of IBM Watson. We are creating \'fashion content cloud\' which will be used by retailers for giving access to its consumers, merchandisers and in-store assistance,\" adds Suresh Shakkarwar, Vice President � Cognitive Computing Excellence Center, Findability Sciences.

System of Engagement

Findability Sciences also provides \'Customer Engagement solution\' to organizations. Engagement.Digital is an interactive social marketing solution, which is used by leading brands to engage with their customers. Engagement.Digital generates the instant buzz about a company\'s brand by crowd sourcing the content about brand on social media and share on multiple channels. \"Integrated with Findability Platform, organizations can improve their \'Brand Karma\' and grow customer loyalty by using Engagment.Digital as their System of Engagement,\" adds Sumit.

Life at Findability Sciences

\"We are an experienced young company and believe strongly in innovation and creativity. We all contribute to product ideas. Employees and customer satisfaction is our everyday focus,\" says Padma. Findability Sciences\' strong offerings have made them the go-to provider for all analytical and data-driven needs. Company helps wide range of businesses \'Recruit, Retain and Grow\' their customers using power of data.