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Date:   Tuesday , January 24, 2017

Educational institutions train millions of youngsters but corporates often complain that they do not get the necessary skill and talent required for a job. Research shows over 80 percent of IT graduates in India are unemployable which highlights the need for upgrade in the education system. The adoption of latest technological methods to make learning interesting and expanding ones skill set is of paramount importance in the modern day.

In India, the majority of population still prefers classroom-based learning where they can interact with personal trainers and peers. The evolution of technology and learning techniques goes hand in hand especially in order to compete with the world market.

Headquartered in Pune, Mind Kraftors (SQTL) provides the required training to students, equips them with the required skill set and gives them hands-on experience which brings them at the forefront when looking for employment. Mind Kraftors-SQTL ensures that their course structure is more practical so that they can give real time experience as well as share case studies to make the subject more relevant to how it fits in real world. \"Our faculty is from core IT industry so they have the real knack of what are the needs and gaps in today\'s market and how we, Mind Kraftors-SQTL, can bridge this gap and be the real value adder then our competitors. We train our students or professionals who will industry ready for today\'s needs once they complete the certification, give them real life scenarios, and how all this fits into bigger picture\", says Monish Shah, Managing Partner, SQTL.

Speaking about the challenges Monish says, \"We don\'t believe in the word challenges, but rather like to believe in opportunities. Mind Kraftors-SQTL is the same as like any other business where there are opportunities for betterment.\" They are incorporating their offerings with the curriculum of colleges/universities so that they can develop the skill matrix of the students and help them reach a higher level to lead them to the desired career path.

Over the years, Mind Kraftors (SQTL) has uniquely positioned itself in the market as it considers itself to be a trendsetter which is constantly innovating and re-inventing in order to adapt to the changing world. They are also working with the institutes to bridge the gaps. \"Our approach on structuring of the whole training program with real test scenarios or practical approach on either software testing, programming or any of the niche course and its execution is very much sought after and greatly appreciated by all\", says Saurabh Kokate, Managing Partner, SQTL.
Mind Kraftors-SQTL is very active on social media and follows multiple channels to reach out to existing and new customers.

Living by their tagline, Mind Kraftors-SQTL acts as catalyst to bridge the gaps between demand and supply of IT Professionals. Apart from their core skills, recently the company has also started covering soft skill domains and added more hardcore subjects in order to cater to the rising demands. They have expert trainers for Software Testing, Big Data Hadoop, Business Analysis related subjects (Power BI, Quick View, Tableau etc) C, C#, Java, Robotics Testing (Puppet, Chef), Agile, CMMi, SAP to Sales Force. Our qualifications are practical oriented and designed in line with Market demand and hence valued by all Corporates, Institutes and Students, asserts Saurabh.

Assisting Clients to Meet Varied Challenges

Mind Kraftors (SQTL) boasts of having a varied clientele ranging from individual to corporates and institutions. Over the years, Mind Kraftors (SQTL) has build a strong partnership with them and they continue to have faith in its offerings. \"We believe in a two way process where we share latest industry trends, skill gap analysis and what are the future needs. Based on such detail analysis we share our reports and plan on how Mind Kraftors (SQTL) can be their trusted partner in meeting those challenges. Many of our clients prefer to work with single trusted vendor on their multiple corporate locations and Mind Kraftors (SQTL) is rightly placed to meet this demand\", he opines.

Future Objectives

Mind Kraftors (SQTL) aims to be the one-stop training shop which covers end-to-end training needs of the individual and corporate. They are looking forwards to start an English language related courses and working with higher secondary schools in near future. \"Mind Kraftors (SQTL) is working with partners towards internship program where student gets more hands-on approach as well as more insight into IT industry so they have better options to select as their career. Next goal is to design our offerings to secondary schools\", concludes Monish.

Key Management:

Monish Shah & Saurabh Kokate - Managing Partners, Mind Kraftors (SQTL)

Monish & Saurabh comes from a CA background and has firsthand experience in IT and Service domain. Their immense support for MindKraftors brings a vibrant learning experience to students, helping them choose their desired career path.


  • Mind Kraftors (SQTL) is the first accredited training provider in INDIA with ISTQB (INTERNATIONAL SOFTWARE TESTING QUALIFICATIONS BOARD)

  • SQTL is also accredited to QAI & IIST

  • Groomed and placed more than 2000 professionals across the global

  • Mind Kraftors (SQTL) has over 250 MNC Clients who are extremely happy with the services in corporate training & staffing solutions