Why Small Business Owners Should Use Cloud Computing

Date:   Wednesday , August 17, 2016

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Cloud computing, can result in many changes for small businesses. Although in India many small business owners might be laggards in cloud adoption, many have already started using cloud computing, with the help of which they are expanding their reach and increasing productivity. In short, cloud computing is redefining the way in which business owners are running their business. This article explores some of the advantages of using cloud computing and its impact on small businesses -

Lower Cost

The first thing that cloud based computing helps business owners with, is that it cuts down costs and saves up on the investments made on buying hardware that occupy physical space and the investment made in maintaining them. There is no rack space needed, electricity usage is optimized and cost of tech support reduces, giving small business owners the opportunity to do more with less.


Building a culture of teamwork can be a daunting task, even if a task has been assigned to a particular team, work on it is done in isolation. Cloud gives employees the ability to access the same file at the same time, which can be viewed, edited and commented on. While access can be shared, business owners also have the authority to restrict it or revoke it or just share information that they feel is necessary.

Ease of Access

The beauty of using cloud is that you can access data anywhere, anytime without having the restriction of being present in a particular location to access important data. Cloud gives its users the flexibility to pull out specific data, as the files are not stuck on a particular server. This flexibility has an added benefit, small business owners can promote the culture of, \'bring your own device\' to work and employees are not restricted to working inside the office space only. It also helps small businesses access analytics and reports that help them track sales and set realistic targets for the business.

Partnerships & Integrations

Cloud opens up the world of opportunities and gives its users the platform to collaborate and integrate their offerings with other cloud-based players. These integrations and specialized services help small business owners concentrate on their business while cloud takes care of almost all their operational hassles, from staffing to marketing and even accounts. It helps businesses benefit without having to invest in physical infrastructure. To know how the business is functioning, the owner need not be physically present there. What makes cloud even more viable is that you can access data from multiple locations all at the same time.


Cloud based systems reduce a lot of stress that business owners have. Be it in terms of ensuring their data is safe or in terms of knowing who can view it and who should not. Cloud adds an unmatched layer of security and decreases the vulnerability of being hacked. It also ensures that the data is safe when disaster strikes, thereby streamlining operations and giving small business owners the ease to remotely operate their business 24/7.

Cloud computing gives small businesses the opportunity to stay ahead of competition and compete with large companies. A cloud based Point of Sale (POS) solution can also help small businesses with their billing and invoicing. It helps businesses function with more ease and helps add more rigor to ensure quality output. Shifting to cloud computing is a growing trend among small businesses as it offers top notch IT services at cost effective budgets.