IDC Technologies: Delivering Business Competitiveness through Sheer Customer-Centric Focus

Date:   Tuesday , November 24, 2015

Accelerating technological and economic changes in the ever-dynamic business world have led businesses in IT industry to shift their focus towards contemporary practices and competitive developments while building a responsive and agile IT capability to support growth. Thus, technology and its innovative applications offer businesses a competitive edge and those who can embrace this business challenge fast enough usually come out as winners.

One such winner is IDC Technologies Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd, a leading IT consulting company headquartered in Milpitas, California. Endowing customers with a coveted competitive edge has empowered IDC Technologies, to cozy upto world\'s top MNCs offering a wide range of expertise that helps customers to re-engineer and re-invent their businesses in order to compete successfully in a dynamically changing marketplace.

\"Striving to be an integral part of customer\'s success, we lay immense emphasis on understanding client\'s requirements, so that we can deliver the right people resources and best possible service specifically customized to a particular customer,\" says Prateek Gattani, CEO, IDC Technologies Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd. The organization\'s clear understanding of client\'s professional and social environment helps it to carefully choose workforce to perfectly fit at project locations, both in terms of technology and culture.

Rare Juxtaposition of Swift Delivery & Quintessential Quality

IDC\'s contemporary solutions and accurate understanding of clients\' needs enable customers to execute their strategic plans for growth even faster than deploying internal teams for the same. It is this consistency and dependability which has led IDC to move ahead of its biggest competitor by a huge margin of 30 percent, a feat which is rare in the competitive IT consulting industry. The organization, therefore, considers \'Time\' as its most significant competitor and has been successfully combating it by deploying consultants in projects within 48 hours of requirement receipt. \"We constantly keep our quality above the standard of other consulting firms and serve within predefined schedule to maintain our industry leadership,\" remarks Ganesh (Galvin) Jha, VP - U.S. Consulting Division, IDC Technologies. The company is capable of delivering within a remarkable turnaround time of 4-6 hours, owing to its dedicated internal sales & recruitment teams, which are considered to be among the world\'s top 10 largest teams. Its delivery model looks even more impressive considering its unique expertise in addressing industry\'s challenges with a \'full spectrum\' of IT consulting services from high-end to mission-critical engagements across multiple verticals that helps customers to achieve their growth objectives and create enormous business value.

Rapid Ascent into a Multifaceted Organization
IDC Technologies, under the visionary leadership of CEO, Prateek rose to the level of industry leader through sheer internal capability building and immense focus on three Ps of strategy - People, Processes and Product (Technology). Prateek envisioned the future and decided to offer the services at competitive costs while increasing the organizational people resources immensely, which resulted in low dependency on sub-contracting partner companies. \"It was incredibly hard to win the confidence of giant customers. We worked with the SME partners of large customers and proved our high potential and responsibility by surpassing the capabilities of their pre-existing vendors,\" reminisces Prateek. The company believes that every business comes with profit and loss, but no business can grow unless you are ready to bear the loss.

Although the inception of IDC Technologies happened in India at the most vulnerable time of recession, it was only the team\'s sheer hard work and dedication that led the firm emerging as a global industry leader. \"We have grown at an average speed of 75 percent each year to an extent we never dreamt of,\" remarks Prateek. IDC\'s management invested time and energy in bringing talent from across the globe and created a huge talent pool which acts as a one-stop-shop for its customers. \"As we are winning more and more new businesses,wekeepa strong focus towards increasing our support staff (currently 500+), who endow IDC with an infrastructure that caters client needs 24x7,\" says Neeraj Singh Suryavanshi, VP, Consulting Services, IDC Technologies.

Fostering a Happy, Free & Flexible Milieu
IDC has a pool of talented professionals with in-depth industry knowledge and technical expertise, who are capable of providing value-added services in record time and with a quality level which beats the best. Senior management consistently applies innovative ideas for employee growth and well-being; be it transforming individuals into independent unit leaders and trusted advisors or rewarding top performers. IDC encourages its people to celebrate the essence of life along with work and to regularly engage in volunteer services, not to mention the annual outings and quarterly parties which are held to encourage camaraderie outside of business working hours.
The company promotes all-round personality development andhas open feedback culture. \"Discipline is as important as employee satisfaction at IDC. Our open door culture permits anyone to pour ideas and share issues with me directly, so we can work out a solution together,\" mentions Galvin. \"We are mentored by the CEO and aim to contribute to the company\'s vision and strategy. The company has established grievance councils which help us to proactively understand employees\' issues and address them. We also monitor their performance and reward them proactively, rather than IDCians waiting for it,\" remarks Suresh Menon, Operations Head (U.S. & Canada). These practices enable the organization to build high engagement levels and create an atmosphere of trust and collaboration.

Vision, Mission & Dreams
Realizing that the market is moving towards digital technologies, IDC has been investing heavily in recruiting new experienced people resources in similar technologies. Constantly scaling up its competencies facilitates the company to meet customer expectations & SLAs at quick turnaround time cost-effectively. The company also plans to setup operations in Latin America for its U.S. customers who have delivery centers in Mexico/Brazil. IDC is currently moulding its IT Services & Engineering Services portfolio for catering to specific client requirements. Along with its prominent domestic & international staffing and BPO services, it has recently entered the project management and non-IT arena. The management propels its people with a long-term goal of filling in the gaps by 2018 and become one of the top staffing and consulting houses in India and abroad. \"We want to become one of the most successful consulting companies, while maintaining the same culture,\" adds Galvin. Maintaining a keen eye on customer satisfaction and leading people to achieve its vision, it is safe to say that the company\'s dreams will be materialized much earlier than it anticipates.


Milpitas (Headquarter), Toronto (Canada), Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore, Lucknow, Hyderabad and Chennai

Offerings: IT Consulting Services, BPO Services, HR/Payroll Services, Strategic Consulting, and Strategy Consulting amongst others.

Verticals: Banking, Wealth Management, Insurance, Government, Manufacturing, Contracting, Wholesale Distribution, Healthcare, Pharma/Life Sciences, Telecom, Media & Entertainment and Retail& Energy

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