Axelta: Offering Best-in-Class IoT Training, Consulting & Products

Date:   Tuesday , December 01, 2015

With companies and investors pouring in billions of dollars, IoT, which is globally celebrated as the next big thing, is expected to reach a mammoth height of $319.62 billion by 2020. As the investments in projects such as smart city, connected cars, connected devices, smart homes, and smart kitchen are incrementing rapidly, most industries are now relying on IoT. But, this phenomenon is fairly new and even very large companies are struggling to cope up in the market space, when it comes to IoT. They are in need of an IoT guide who can provide an in-depth training and has industry experience, preferably that deals in IoT spectrum. Witnessing this challenge in IoT market that is grappling to go at an expeditious pace, Axelta was incepted to reboot the industry and expedite the IoT space through expert trainings and products.

Incorporated in 2013 by Pyush Jain and Manish Agarwal (Co-Founders & Directors), ex-IIT Roorkee graduates who left their cozy jobs and forayed into IoT market, Axelta provides IoT training, consulting, remote assisted management and a cloud-based analytics enabled platform - Osmosis. Close buddies for over 20 years, Pyush & Manish tackled typical startup hiccups such as raising funds, setting up office and sourcing best talents by working hand-in-hand. Their stellar reputation as subject matter experts helped them with angel funding and industry contacts enabled them to hire talent.

The Best of the Next Big Thing

As the prevalence of IoT and its engineers goes viral, startups and established companies are coming up with more innovative ideas every day to make things digital, energy efficient and connected. Though most of these inventors are highly competent with excellent IoT knowledge, they fall short of co-workers who can genuinely assist them to scale their products. Until 2013, IoT industry lacked a trainer who would be the catalyst in making engineers IoT ready. With emergence of Axelta, the world\'s largest and most renowned IoT trainer, IoT world has been getting a sturdy boost in terms of trained people with IoT expertise.

Relishing the industry with IoT offerings in different categories such as Remote Asset Management for Sales, Security & Logistics along with Osmosis Platform that offers a powerful ability for device management to enable IoT, Axelta provides a state-of-the-art platform at one of the lowest costs in the world. This one-stop IoT deployment platform integrates Device Management, User Management, Business Rules, Reports & Analytics, Integrating with Other IT Systems, Events, Work Flow, Data Streaming, and Call Center Operations.

Pioneering IoT training facilities online & offline, Axelta offers a comprehensive training program that includes IoT Overview, Architecture & Tech Stack Overview, End-to-End product and solution development on for a logistics company, programming, microcontrollers & PCB, Cloud, Big Data Analytics, and sensors amongst many others. Being in the industry for just two years, Axelta is World\'s largest IoT training company having trained over 800 people worked with unicorn-club companies such as HCL, Intel, Coca-Cola, and reputed companies such as MindTree and ESCI amongst others. Pyush Jain, Co-Founder & Director says, \"Today\'s IT companies require hardware competence as well. Our unique model deals not only with software, but also with hardware. We remotely train people via online too. This singles us out even from the biggest companies. We are building our own global ecosystem\".

Taking Steady Steps to the Next League

As the startup community is growing vigorously, organizations are following an open environment where people relish their work. Axelta\'s is no different than this liberal startup culture. Axeltalites savor a stress-free environment and they are encouraged to apportion their ideas. A commix of freshers and experienced people from large companies at 50:50 ratio, is the linchpin of Axelta that has fuelled its strong growth. Following investors\' advice on not undertaking incompatible tasks, Axelta is successfully maintaining its pace. Pyush says, \"We have to be best in the line of business we have selected and take steady steps, instead of rushing on things\".

While the opportunity is paramount for any company chalking out IoT solutions, being a nimble player and first one to offer IoT trainings, Axelta is no more just a minor player in the league but has cemented its path for a strong growth and future. \"Our unique IoT solutions will soon propel us to the next league. We want to be the largest IoT company in the world offering IoT solutions for Indian market. We\'ve a clear vision of launching new training modules and rolling out a powerful physical security solution that was built for a unique use-case, in the next two months. \"We are launching another IoT training and consulting division in the U.S. in train & deploy model in December,\" say Manish. The company aims to go for another round of funding in six months. Its partners such as ESCI and Anjaneyap Inc will not only make the company strong, it will empower Axelta to be the best thing in the coming years to make Indian IoT industry an aggressive and powerful one.


Key Management

Pyush Jain, Co-Founder & Director

A serial entrepreneur passionate about creating unique solutions for Indian market, Pyush brings in 20 years of experience in technology. This ex-IITian is leading Axelta with his diverse experience in top management roles to architect IoT industry in the U.S. & India.

Manish Agarwal, Co Founder & Director

Another ex-IITian, Manish has over 20 years of diverse experience in manufacturing, supply chain, insurance, human capital management and healthcare. Passionate about technology and its adoption to solve real-world problem, he is now taking care of Axelta.

Offices: Hyderabad (Headquarter), U.S. & UK

Clients: MindTree, Intel, HCL, Coca-Cola, Tata Motors & ESCI amongst others

Services:IoT trainings (online & traditional), IoT Solutions, M2M learning, and IoT deployment