Torus Innovations: Software App Development - Redefined & Re-Engineered

Date:   Friday , February 03, 2017

For several years after setting up the first UK-made digital computer at the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Calcutta, in 1955, our country ran slow on its wheels in leveraging the benefits of IT. But the second the sector gained momentum, an ambitious Tamilian, Sekar Ponniah (Founder & CTO, Torus Innovations Pvt. Ltd.) shifted his base to India. Sekar who always had an intense shove to do something to promote his motherland while working for years in the U.S., drove back to his hometown, Tirunelveli, and ventured Global Software Solutions (TVL) Pvt. Ltd. in the year 2000, which proffers support, product management and consulting services, predominantly to U.S. customers.

But imagine the scarcity of IT talent & knowledge base in a tier-two city of our country during those days. Sekar had to begin from scratch, and he did! \"Entrepreneurship is always a challenge. The sturdy belief in yourself, and perusing persistently till your goal is achieved is the key to success,\" advices Sekar. He incepted Global Research Education & Training Foundation (GREAT) to train local talents, which today trains the local candidates from almost 70 engineering colleges around Tirunelveli district, and carves skilled & worthy professionals out of them. \"We recruit people, train them, give employment and also allow them to get employed in other companies. I perceive this as a social responsibility and I always believe in promoting my home town,\" asserts a proud Sekar. Surpassing one of the deadliest startup challenges - talent acquisition, Global Software gained pace and in 2004 it emerged with its premier & world-class product, the Cheque Truncation System, which was beyond imagination of any other peer at that period of time.

Experience Bestows Class

Started his career in the field of computers in early 80s, Sekar\'s story is intrinsically the story of global IT revolution. He witnessed the paradigm shifts of technology for decades in both Indian & U.S. panorama. Clutching his extensive know-how in the segment that spans over three decades, Sekar came up with the trademark TORUS platform in 2010. Considering the excited response that the platform had in shut-eye time from venues like CeBIT, in addition to a gamut of tech-recognitions, Sekar made TORUS under one separate entity in 2016 - Torus Innovations Pvt. Ltd. as a 100 percent subsidiary of Global Software Solutions, which today caters predominantly to BFSI and Public Sector organizations. \"Now we are emphasizing on Torus. We are on a mission to promote the benefits of this Low Code platform to all the enterprise level customers,\" adjoins Sekar. As one of the most loyal platforms to carve Vertical Agnostic Enterprise Grade applications, TORUS today helps to develop products ranging from Cheque Truncation System to National Automated Clearing House, CIBIL Reporting System, Document Management, Web Portals and e-KYC among many more.

Global Platform

Since the establishment, TORUS, the Unified Low Code platform that enables companies to execute agile digital transformation strategies, has helped a prolonged index of clients to build Vertical Agnostic, Enterprise Grade, and Internet Scale - Web, Mobile, Analytics & IoT applications, with minimal time and effort. One among them is National Land Commission (NLC) of Kenya, which entailed a quality and scalable platform to digitize their entire process & records. Torus Innovations built a centralized Document management system (Veracious DMS) for NLC using TORUS Low Code platform and integrated it with Microsoft Navision and SharePoint. The Veracious DMS that works on \'Third Platform Technology\' stack resulting in an incredibly fast retrieval time for documents bestowed NLC the ability to view documents of more than 300 different file formats, and leverage four different kinds of search and categorization. NLC was flattered with cost savings that the application brought in, and in turn this \'expectation-plus\' result probed Torus several other opportunities in East Africa. \"Torus is a platform to develop, implement and support software by leveraging all the high-end technologies with 50 percent overall time saving,\" elucidates Sekar.

A Unique Methodology

Today, the $350 billion worth application development market firmly entails scalable solutions with shortest turnaround time. To genuinely cater to this need, in addition to leveraging the Third Platform Technology, Torus designed an excellent methodology inspired from PCB drawing & wiring in electronics engineering - \'a drawing for software engineers\' coins Sekar, which bestows with an opportunity for every new member or replacement in the team to directly get in to the project with a precise idea of the whole project by just reading the diagram. This unique & magnetic methodology assists the company to provide clients with scalability, cost-effectiveness, shortest turnaround time and the advantage of tomorrow\'s technologies. No wonder the organization has built an esteemed clientele comprising of Banks, Insurance Companies and Government Institutions across the world.

Going Forward

Currently operating from Chennai, Torus remains bootstrapped and has become a giant player that accommodates a 120 people strong workforce. One of the prides of Tirunelveli, GREAT Foundation deals with the employee training necessities and keeps the workforce updated with frequent technology paradigm shifts. Since all the research giants such as Gartner, Forrester and IDC are now revealing the bright future of Low Code for another decade, having the \'early invading\' advantage, Torus is looking forward to leverage this plethora of opportunities opened across the globe through partnering with apt entities and venture capitalists.

Key Management:

Khadeer Peer Shariff, CEO

Khadeer is a meticulous and decisive rainmaker with an impeccable track record of leading and growing organizations for two decades.

Sekar Ponniah, Founder & CTO

An engineer with a passion for IT, Sekar has the unique advantage of working from DOS to Dockers, COBOL to Cassandra. He is a happy man with the role of chief architect in Torus.

Headquarter: Chennai