Busigence: True Second Home for Real Problem Solvers

Date:   Thursday , May 07, 2015

Busigence creates decision intelligence products for real people by combining data, technology, business, and behavior enabling strengthened decisions. Chicago headquartered with India center at Gurgaon, company was founded in 2012 by Pranav Verma, along with his co-founder, Prashant Verma, driven by a simple thought \'information is not knowledge\'. Busigence envisions by 2020, it would have worked on atleast one percent of world\'s information. Having offices in U.S. & India, the company is now expanding to Singapore & Europe with expertise on latest technologies like real-time big data, advanced analytics, cognitive sciences, data discovery and internet of things.

World-Class Learning

\"Hailing from a relatively strong background, fortunately, we never had to face any critical challenges since inception,\" informs Pranav Verma, an IIT Guwahati alumnus. The only challenge being faced was attaining compatible resources to work on novel & niche technologies. To overcome this, Busigence introduced a three months specialized learning program from entry level to experienced ones covering all aspects of data journey with a unique blend of science, technology and business. This program has been running for past two years and now, the company is proud to have the \'best of breed\' world-class problem solvers under one roof.

Exceptional Talent

Great People build Great Organizations - Trust in \'Get Best - Give Best\' theory, Busigence seeks people who can make difference and be empowered to deliver. A ship in the harbor is safe, but that\'s not what ships are built for. Company hires risk takers who have ability to change the game, so don\'t quantify work experience rather qualify it. Busigence has proven ability to solve complex data challenges. To sustain this capability, the company recruits extremely exceptional talents from recognized institutes and esteemed organizations through rigorous screening processes.

Second Home

Employees being considered the key asset, Busigence invests heavily in its people. \"We are a culture of restless and curious, creative & smart people, who are always looking to create atleast a small dent in universe. These are one of the most passionate & crazy folks you will ever work with,\" says Prashant Verma, an NSIT Delhi graduate. The company attempt to create a work culture conducive to exceptional performance to ignite innovation throughout, while having fun. This includes state-of-art training, exposure to latest technologies, \'work from anywhere\' facility, personalized care, time-off benefits, recreation room, power nap beds, employee knowledge base, mandatory weekly team parties, free snacks & beverages, casual dress code, foreign trips among others. \"There\'s always something truly exciting happening at Busigence like Fun contests, Themed events, Reboot Your Minds exercises, Indoor & Outdoor sports. Some of our all-time favorites include barbeque nights, family picnics, talent shows, foosball, ethnic wear days, and cultural functions,\" explains Pranav.

Values Matter

Busigence lives its core values every moment - Respect for Data, Customer Delight, Passion for Work, Ability to Lead, and Meaningful Innovation. People do their greatest work when they are inspired. Hence, the company has taken utmost care to design beautiful work environments and provide most challenging problems that motivate and energize its amazing people.

Right Mapping

Strongly believing that one should do what he is made for, Busigence has segmented teams in divisions and groups, which are further fragmented in service lines and departments respectively. In any case, considering interdisciplinary & muddy nature of problems, teams are required to synchronize and work together. These teams have been working on extremely challenging problems in the fields of big data & analytics and related ones. \"If you really believe your work can make this world a better place to live. Join us,\" concludes Prashant.