Mirafra: Nurturing Technical Talents With Highest Ethical Values

Date:   Friday , June 17, 2016

He had to rush to Jharkhand to take care of his sick mother. Though Mukesh knew that his result-driven company had a flexible \'work from home\' policy, he hesitated to ask because he was working on a time critical development project with sensitive customer IP. It is a tremendous credit to the company\'s credibility and the strong relationship it has built with its customers over the years, that when his manager made a request, the customer agreed and said, \"Your employee is our employee\". The company is none other than Mirafra Technologies, a leading semiconductor engineering services provider. The company has a comprehensive skill set covering the development of hardware, software, firmware and applications - a unique set of capabilities that every semiconductor product company is looking for.

Mirafra started its journey way back in 2004, with a vision to be a leader in the product engineering space, a company that the customers can turn to get their most difficult problems solved. Since then, Mirafra\'s partners from various tier-1 and tier-2 companies have been leveraging its expertise in developing state of the art VLSI products, embedded SW, mobile applications, data analytics and many next generation technologies. Started from Bangalore, Mirafra has offices in Hyderabad, Austin, San Diego, New Jersey and Singapore.

Multi-dimensional Growth to become leader

Mirafra is led by an executive team composed of technology leaders, each with decades of experience leading complex projects and large teams. This team has always focused on hiring the best engineers with degrees from colleges of repute, who have a thirst for learning, and have proven experience delivering consistent quality. Today, working shoulder to shoulder with top semiconductor companies, as their trusted strategic partner, the company has been attracting the best people of varied experience level. It is an indication of its employees\' satisfaction that the major portion of the new hires come through referrals. The open culture at the company breaks hierarchical barriers - even a very junior engineer can discuss his/her ideas with the CEO directly.

\"We are proud of the fact that we provide a great place for junior engineers to learn and for the experienced leaders to deliver. It is not uncommon to see a youngster in the Senior Director\'s office - discussing anything from the current project to the latest in technology. Mirafrans can either opt to climb the technical ladder or the management ladder as they grow in the company. Likewise, they can get trained and switch to the projects & technologies that interest them the most, and where they can add the maximum value to themselves and to the company,\" says Alok Kuchlous, CEO, Mirafra.

A True Family Culture

\"We have designed our benefits programs at par with our marquee clients, to ensure that Mirafra employees get the best in class services in all sphere, be it technical development or personal growth. We truly believe in giving world class experience to our employees and our engagement with them is nothing less than a \'family\' culture,\" says Shailesh Jadhav, VP - HR, Mirafra.

Besides a quarterly program that recognizes six outstanding performers company wide, Mirafra also recognizes people who have been with the company for a long time. The company keeps track of its people\'s aspirations through a unique quarterly appraisal program. It has a liberal leave policy, like time off breaks and comp-off for those returning from client\'s site. Apart from having a yearly team get-together with families, a team manager gets a budget to take his/her team for group outing/lunch every quarter.

Strategic Partnership with Long Term Vision

As mobile and IOT industry is gaining tremendous momentum, the company is well poised to benefit from this growth because of its unique set of capabilities. It is strengthening its relationship with the customers in existing technologies and investing in new technologies and skills, both through training and hiring, to expand its set of offerings.

\"We work with top notch clients, on cutting edge technologies and innovative projects. We deliver beyond expectations by proactively and continuously engaging with the customers. Over a decade, we have built a rewarding culture where the employee comes first. We are confident that this platform will take us to the vision we have,\" says Shyam Padala, MD, Mirafra.

Key Management:

Upendra Tripathi, SVP & Head HW Engineering
Holding extensive experience in developing complex mixed signal SOCs and IPs for mobile, networking and connectivity semiconductor verticals, Upendra brings leadership experience in technical and management areas. He has previously worked as Director of Engineering for Texas Instruments and Qualcomm.

Bimal Bhattacharya, SVP & Head SW Engineering
Having more than two decades of experience in creating and delivering complex software technologies. Bimal has led many projects and has a deep understanding of embedded SW development and deployment challenges. Prior to Mirafra, he has worked in organizations like Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Nokia and others for several years.

Offices: Bengaluru (Headquarter), Texas & New Jersey (U.S.)

Offerings: Embedded Software, Semiconductor Design and Enterprise Apps & Mobility