Unlike Anything: Creating not just Websites but Creative Masterpieces

Date:   Wednesday , March 18, 2015

Not much ago, websites used to mean one way communication. But the creativity put by brilliant minds to construct interactive websites have transformed the communication process to be a two-way process. Many people who come as visitor to such interactive websites become potential customer from the comfort of their home or office. Therefore, businesses are in a dire need to have a well-designed website with rich UI/UX to lure these visitors. Understanding this need of the hour, Vibhor Shroff decided to carve a niche with his breakthrough thinking and zest to make it big in this realm. Thus, he launched his dream project Unlike Anything, a design studio, to offer world-class user experience design through creative masterpieces in the year 2014.

The company\'s unparalleled expertise lies in developing websites, web applications and mobile apps. \"We are a user experience specialized company. We do not create websites, web applications or mobile apps; we create web and mobile experience. We create products that give wonderful experiences to users, enable us to add value, and offer competitive advantage to our clients,\" says Vibhor Shroff, Founder, Unlike Anything. This unique feature of developing web or mobile products/solutions synchronized with user experience has brought huge accolades and recognition from numerous clients across the country majorly from Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai regions. Some of its clients include FabFurnish.com, Adlabs Imagica, Indian Television Group, Rashmi Bansal, EMF (Entertainment Management Federation) and more.

Unlike Anything A Multifaceted Web Wizard

Born with a hunger to provide top line services, Unlike Anything offers customized content management system, HTML website development, identity design and communication design. Under identity design, the Ahmedabad based company provides a plethora of services that includes branding, creating logos, brochures, posters, marketing materials and case studies for its clients. To penetrate further into the space and rule the hearts of its clients, Unlike Anything strategies marketing by holding indoor & outdoor campaigns and promotional activities with its highly efficient technically enabled marketing team. With an in-depth understanding and clear analysis, the team also offers rebranding services to several startups as well as established companies.

The Next Big Step Launching an In-House Digital Product

The true passion of Unlike Anything has been to come up with its own digital products that it wishes to market to the world. The team has been working on a highly focused travel application called \'Trip Cravings\' a platform that is very soon going to be launched on the web and mobile. Trip Cravings is all about catering to the huge gap in what is being offered by travel agencies and what is actually needed by travelers to enable to have a truly rewarding travel experience, all through the creative and efficient use of technology.

Setting a Culture of Doing Things Differently

Vibhor believes that creativity is \'a mind thing\', thus he offers his employees creative sessions on weekly basis with discussions on the weekly work accomplishments. The open and flexible work atmosphere enables every personnel within the organization to participate in the discussions and keep forward their feedbacks, suggestions and opinions to accomplish better products. To keep the success ball rolling, Unlike Anything is looking forward to be a full-fledged communication design company including product design as a discipline in the next two years. The company also envisions creating few hottest and top selling digital products in the market so as to become the Master of Communication Design realm.